Do you miss having the iconic physical QWERTY keyboard on your iPhone like the one on BlackBerry and Nokia devices? If yes, your wait is over. Enter the ‘Clicks’ keyboard case for iPhones.

This New ‘Clicks’ iPhone Case Brings Physical Keyboard

This New 'Clicks' iPhone Case Brings Physical Keyboard

On Thursday, Clicks Technology, a new UK-based company, unveiled its first-ever product, “Clicks Creator Keyboard,” for iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max devices. This company is founded by Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk (aka CrackBerry Kevin) along with a team of Apple, BlackBerry, and Google mobile experts.

“We use keyboards on our desktops, laptops and tablets every day – so it’s kind of odd that we abandoned physical buttons on the smartphone,” said Michael Fisher, Clicks Technology co-founder and a popular tech reviewer known as “MrMobile” on YouTube.

“Clicks brings the tactility and precision of a physical keyboard to iPhone, so people don’t have to wait until they get back to their desks to create or communicate with the satisfying feedback only real buttons can provide,” he added.

“Clicks will appeal as much to longtime iPhone users as it will to past keyboard phone users. We assembled a dream team of tech industry veterans to bring together the best of physical keyboards with the best of iPhone. We labored over every decision from exactly how the buttons should feel to the keyboard layout, ensuring it would be intuitive for iPhone users,” said Kevin Michaluk, co-founder at Clicks Technology.

According to the company, Clicks is the first creator keyboard for iPhone that allows you to maximize your screen space for apps and content by moving the keyboard off your display while typing. This lets you gain up to 50% more display to immerse yourself in chats, browsing, live streaming, and more.

Further, the entire keyboard with actual buttons offers a tactile typing experience with speed and precision on the go, making you feel you can tackle more tasks than ever on the iPhone. For instance, you can write that long note, edit the document, or get your ideas out wherever inspiration strikes.

In addition, Clicks also gives iPhone users ultimate control of their phone with keyboard shortcuts and dedicated keys that unlock the complete power of iOS. For example, CMD + H navigates you to the Home screen, CMD + Space launches Spotlight, and Space lets you scroll through websites.

Moreover, the iPhone case connects directly to the iPhone via Lightning or USB-C port at the bottom of the keyboard. Clicks do not contain a battery, as it directly draws power from the iPhone which keeps it charged.

The Clicks Creator Keyboard Founders Edition (or just “Clicks”) is available in two colors: “BumbleBee” Yellow and “London Sky” Gray. Further, Founders Edition owners will early access to future colors and have access to exclusive VIP support.

The case for ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro and iPhone 15 Pro models are priced at $139 and will start shipping in February and mid-March, respectively. Further, ‌the iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max version, priced at $159, is set to release in early spring and can be reserved with a deposit of $30. Click on the Clicks website for more information.


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