A Hong Kong-based technology manufacturing company is selling a USB thumb drive basically known as the USB Kill 2.0 that can fully burn any unauthorized computer or laptop simply when it is plugged into by introducing a power surge via the USB port. Yes, it sounds really dangerous.

There are devices that many do not understand its usefulness, as they are the pieces that challenge many standards that have their own purposes. The USB Killer falls into this category, for its usefulness.

Now You Can Buy This USB Stick To Destroy Any PC within Seconds

But if the USB Killer was a proof of concept, then just hold on. As now there is a Hong Kong-based technology manufacturing company that is dedicated to producing it and not only that even the company sell it as well.

The idea that served as the basis to USB Killer is simple. A USB device which is of the size of a normal Pendrive, that is limited to burn the device that is connected. To get off and accumulates power from the USB port, and then converts it to DC and returns to the device, burning it totally or at least leaving it powerless to work.

But it was at the time only a concept and something that has now become real to prove that it really worked, just now able to grow and really be put on sale.

USB Kill 2.0
USB Kill 2.0

Yes, on the official website of USB Kill anyone can order this USB killer Flash drive, which burns completely any computer or laptop or any device on which it get connected. The process lasts for a few seconds and the damage is permanent.

According to its current creators, USB Killer has a success rate of 95%, which clearly shows the attack possibilities and vulnerabilities that exist. The USB Kill 2.0 can be bought already and only costs 49.95 euros and can be ordered immediately at the online store USB Kill site.

But those who want to protect their PCs simply they can use the USB Killer and verify that actually it works for some tests that it want to perform, the producers of this device also provide the Test Shield.

USB Kill Shield
USB Kill Shield

This protection costs only 13.95 euros and ensures that the USB Killer does not return to the current computer accumulated, thus ensuring that it is not burned. To show that there is indeed charge, and in large quantities, the Test Shield allows them to be connected to two wires that can be tested to current present.

Amazingly the USB Kill 2.0 is a security testing tool that many manufacturers can use to determine the protection of their Computers or Laptops to such attacks. For now, according to the information from USBKill.com, only the latest MacBook has protection against USB Killer. The reason is that this has optical data isolation channels in USB ports.

Hence it is a tool which is accessible to anyone as well as it is powerful and at the same time very dangerous tool, which required few seconds to burn any computer or laptop that has a USB port available.


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