Google Chrome Extensions for Better % Faster Browsing
Google Chrome Extensions for Better % Faster Browsing

Here are some of the extensions that you can use with Google chrome so that you can get all that features in this browser also. Below are the extensions that you can use to make chrome the better and the faster browser.

Google Chrome is the best and the most popular browser that is available right now in the digital world. There are some other popular browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer that also matches the features and performance with that of Google Chrome web browser.These browsers use up the plugins that helps them to overtake the functionality and features of Google chrome.

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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Better, Faster Browsing

So below are the best extensions that you must try in your Google chrome bowser to have the better browsing experience.

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#1 Send from Gmail

This extension is all about taking away all the available gmail links from the page of the website to a linked page where you can use all these gmail links to send your messages or to carry on the conversation.This could be a great extension for those who just want to find the gmail account a the huge page of website.You will now not require to copy and paste the Urls of these pages so as to start the Gmail.extension 1

#2 Google Mail Checker

This extension creates an icon next to the search bar in the Google chrome browser.By clicking on this icon you will open up in the new window where you can check your Gmail account and read and send the messages as you can in Gmail.The only con of this extension is that you don’t get the real-time updates of your gmail account that is open in it.extension 2

#3 IE Tab

There are some sites that are pre-optimised for use on the Internet Explorer web browser and the experience of these sites is not that rich as you get on IE browser.IE Tab extension makes a sub-browsing window in the Chrome browser itself where you get the same modified browsing like that in Internet Explorer and you can also feel the same experience as that in it.extension 3

#4 Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer

This extension just sends the links of pdf or powerpoint files to Google drive where you can read these files properly.This could be a great extension for Chrome as the Pdf and Powerpoint files are not well handled by this brower and the experience is very bad for these files.extension 4

#5 FastestChrome

Using this extension you can highlight any term on the window to search it,find its meaning.This extension can also be used to find the words on the page and to quickly search for the details of anything on the page.This extension also helps to boost the search speed of the browser.Just give this a try and you shall be sticked with this extension of the Google chrome.extension 5

#6 Stop Autoplay for YouTube

This chrome extension helps you to stop the auto-playing of youtube videos as soon as you reach the webpage that contains videos or you can say it stops the autoplay of the videos on various hosts and websites.This extension also helps you to pre-load the videos and then play it after its been fully loaded.This can be very helpful feature for those with slow connections and want to enjoy the smooth video playback without stuttering.extension 6

#7 Feedly

If you have bookmarked RSS feeds from Google Reader, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube or Amazon, the Feedly Chrome extension is what you will find very helpful. Feedly automatically imports your feeds and then arranges the content into a eye-pleasing magazine page. The Feedly extension also keeps a running tally the items that you has not read yet in the address bar.extension 7

#8 GooglePreview

This is a very simple extension that just shows the snapshot of the page from every website in the form of thumbnail on the left side every add on the google search screen.This could be helpful for those who just want to know about the website through the inner look on their site.extension 8

#9 Session Manager

It is the best time saving extension for chrome that you can use.You can use this extension from the cardboard icon on the left of the search bar.This extension just saves the whole webpage as it is and you can open the same from the saved list.You can also use this to veiw the webpages when you are offline.extension 9

#10 Hola Better Internet

This is one of the best plugin that you can use to use private network on your device and you can also unblock the blocked websites on your server.extension 10

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Although the browser itself is fully featured in itself to provide you with the best experience of browsing but you can still use these extensions as these extensions will help you manage your working task in great manner and will also help to boost up the performance more and more. Just try these extensions with your Chrome browser and you will feel the browsing much easier and faster.



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