We all know that if there are operating systems that are considered safe then Linux is one of them. Hence, today we have created a list in which we mentioned all the Linux distros to look forward in 2017.

Top 5 Most Promising Linux Distros To Look Forward In 2019

The year 2016 was not very strong regarding news from the GNU / Linux world, especially in the Desktop segment. It is true that Microsoft is betting more on this system and who knows if the world of Internet of things will not help popularize Linux.

With us in 2017, which Linux distributions can make a difference?

Windows 10 brought back the confidence of Microsoft products and certainly regain some users who had since switched to GNU / Linux. Linux Mint, Debian, and Ubuntu continue to be the most popular distributions for Desktop, but other distributions may make a difference already in 2017.

Antergos – An elegant, powerful and simple to use Arch Linux

Antergos is a Linux distribution, which is based on Arch Linux. Previously known as Cinnarch (since combined the desktop environment Cinnamon and the base of the Arch), this is a modern distribution that now offers multiple graphics work environment (GNOME 3 (default)), Cinnamon, Razor-qt Xfce.

Solus – A distro faster than Ubuntu and Mint?

Solus is a modern GNU / Linux distribution for beginners in this world, which offers good support for modern technologies.

This distribution brings Budgie graphical environment, several optimizations in the integrated software and also improvements in the generality of the system, which allows having a good experience in games.

Ubuntu Budgie

Ubuntu Budgie (formerly of Budgie Remix ) are other distributions that we must be vigilant. In practice, this is an Ubuntu but with Budgie graphical environment, which appeared initially with the Solus distribution.

The Budgie has a clean graphical environment and works very smooth. Hence, it can be a good alternative perfect for popular projects in this area.

Fedora 26

Fedora is a distribution sponsored by RedHat and stands out for including features and technologies that are not common in other distributions. Fedora is a fast, stable, and powerful distribution for everyday use, built by a worldwide community.

Fedora 26 is scheduled for June 2017 (if nothing fails) and certainly will come with the more refined Wayland graphics server.

KDE Neon

The KDE Neon is a distribution that never approached us, but that promises much. This distribution comes with the KDE Plasma graphical environment and is available in three versions: “User Edition,” “LTS user edition” and “‘Developer Edition.”

The year 2017 could bring many new features to the world of Linux, or it could be just another year. There are many interesting projects at this level, with very active communities, but Linux continues to represent only 2% in the operating system market.


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