Nowadays smartphones are turning into more and more powerful, as time goes they increased a lot in the maxim of everything. So, today we will discuss about the most anticipated smartphones for 2019.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Smartphones In 2019

If next year is just what speculation and rumors are waiting for the smartphone market, we will have 2017 full of very exciting news. For starters, it is expected that Samsung will launch its flagship device the Galaxy S8 and “exotic” with digital player built-in screen and display virtually borderless.

The Apple, in turn, should come with an iPhone anniversary edition. There’s still little concrete about Apple’s new smartphone, but as the company usually cares about birthdays for its products, we may have something special on the part of the company.

Outside the specific expectations for the two market leaders, there are also some trends that everyone should start to follow in the top-line category. For example, with Apple finally abandoning the 16 GB for its most basic smartphones, other brands are likely to move to at least 64 GB of storage at their top of the line. The Lenovo already does this with its premium handsets in India, and the other manufacturers should follow the same line already in 2017 or at the latest in 2019.

2K screens are already standard on every top of the line today, but some manufacturers are still insisting on keeping Full HD on their most expensive handsets. Sony and Asus are among them, as well as Apple. With the popularization of virtual reality accessories beginning, the premium segment should no longer have powerful smartphones without 2K screens. It is also expected that more manufacturers will think of cell phones with smaller and smaller edges around the screen.

Now, let’s have a look at the most anticipated handsets for next year (2017):-

1. Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8

The next top of the line Samsung is the most anticipated for a number of reasons. There are already a lot of rumors about the new Korean handset, and it looks like it should be something very innovative and futuristic. The front face should be almost completely occupied by the screen, with minimal edges around it. It is also expected that all versions of the S8 will have curved edges.

In hardware, there is no doubt that it will be one of the most powerful on the market. The camera should be even faster with PDAF Dual-Pixel focus technology. It has also been speculated the possibility of an optical digital reader embedded in the screen.

2. iPhone 8 or 7s

iPhone 8 or 7s
iPhone 8 or 7s

Although 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple should only launch that smartphone from the third to the fourth quarter of next year. So the more concrete rumors and leaks are still very rare. What we have speculation at the moment are very bold things, which do not fit very well with Apple’s approach to smartphones.

There is the talk of a device with screen pretty much borders, as well as the S8 and Xiaomi Mi MIX, and no home button on the front. Something similar has already been commented on the S8 as well. In addition, as Apple managed to leave all the competition behind in question of hardware and performance this year with the iPhone 7, it is possible that this will be repeated next year as well. Finally, rumors about the possibility of the next iPhone having wireless charging are getting more intense, since Apple is supposed to swap the metal casing for a type of super-tough ceramic.

3. Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2

Despite the releases of the major brands have generated millions of dollars in sales, the smartphone on which most talked in 2016 (within the sphere of technology) was certainly the Google Pixel. The tech giant Google came to put an end to its Nexus line which really has a great appeal for the markets where it’s being sold, and was compared by the international media as the only Android capable of surpassing the iPhone in quality in every aspect.

Though we still have no rumors about the next generation of this smartphone that has just been released, but we have some guesses about what to expect next year. As it is very likely that the next Pixel will also have the best camera ever seen on a mobile phone.

4. Nokia’s first Android Top-Of-The-Line

Nokia's first Android Top-Of-The-Line
Nokia’s first Android Top-Of-The-Line

Rumors about Nokia’s return to the smartphone market have been popping up for years on the web. The brand has finally confirmed that it will do so in 2017, but the leaks that have hit the web so far seem to reveal that the brand only has one or two intermediate devices to launch soon.

But we believe that by the end of the year, the company will decide to launch a real top of the line Android. This device must have a very powerful hardware, in line with competitors of the year, and an optimized system. As it is a return of a brand dear enough by the fans of technology and by the general public, the supposed cell phone deserves a place in our list.

5. Moto Z2

Moto Z2
Moto Z2

Lenovo has reset the line that tops the catalog of the old Motorola with the launch of Moto Z and Z Play and all the modular concept of these devices. The manufacturer even promised that the modules that serve today in these phones will also serve in the next generations. It means, who enters this “platform” in 2016 will not have to buy new accessories in 2017.

So there is a lot of curiosity about how the manufacturer will handle this design limitation. In any case, the Moto Z2 should bring cutting-edge hardware, bold design and about 20 new modules for customers to buy.

6. LG G6


LG screwed up with the launch of G5, especially in Latin America, where the company has put on sale a version which is known as G5 SE. The smartphone sold poorly in India and abroad because its modular capabilities were very limited and well below what Lenovo presented.

That’s why LG, as a large and very capable smartphone maker, is expected to be able to rethink its top-of-the-line concept and launch a more “secure” and more understandable product next year. The top of the line 2017 brand should also have great hardware, but the company may abandon the removable batteries and stop focusing on modular capabilities.

7. Moto G5

Moto G5
Moto G5

The Moto G line built by Motorola and inherited by Lenovo is expected to gain continuity in 2017. We still have no rumors about the device, but as it will be an intermediary device, this information only begins to appear closer to the launch, expected for the second half of the year.

As the current Moto G4 design is not being highly praised, Lenovo is expected to try to invest in some improvement in that direction to make its handsets compete better with the Samsung Galaxy A, which have virtually reigned alone in the intermediaries segment with Premium construction.

8. Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8
Galaxy Note 8

No rumors about the next smartphone “Note” the line of Samsung, and no doubt that the brand will have the courage to launch a model to succeed Note 7, the smartphone with the largest historical explosions recorded ever heard. More than 100 units went into self-combustion shortly after the device hit the market. At the end of this whole drama, Samsung ended up picking up all the handsets and reimbursed the customers. The estimated loss reaches the billions.

Because of this whole story, there is the great expectation for the possible launch of the Galaxy Note 8 that will replace Note 7. Recent rumors say that Samsung is making its testing and design processes very rigorous to avoid such a new disaster. Otherwise, as is traditional in this category, such a device would have a better hardware like the upcoming Galaxy S8 and will also bring innovative features to users who are more hardcore.

9. OnePlus 6

OnePlus 4 or 5
OnePlus 6

OnePlus has made its name in recent years delivering smartphones with good performance, good quality and prices “fair” more than the competition. We also do not know more specific details about the next device of the mark, but it seems that it can be called OnePlus 5, leaving the 4 aside.

As the company often delivers the most current hardware and large amounts of RAM on its smartphones, we can expect the same approach in 2017 as well. Therefore, the next device of the brand should be as impressive as the current 3T.

10. Xperia XZ 2017

Xperia XZ 2017
Xperia XZ 2017

Sony introduced the Xperia XZ in the market a few months ago, and the phone was of great quality in almost from all the subject, but its price was much above the reality, without expectation of lowering too much.

However, as Sony apparently has a downward trend in prices, has lowered the value of some of its models here, we can expect the company to continue this way in 2016. If this happens, the Japanese can again win the hearts of Indian with good appliances for good prices. It may be that this does not materialize already with the successor of Xperia ZX in 2017, but who said that the attorney can not dream, right?

What did you think of our list? So, leave your opinion in the comment section below.


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