Top 15 Best Google Chrome Tricks and Tips
Top 15 Best Google Chrome Tricks and Tips

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere in this article, we have mentioned some amazing tricks and tips for the Google Chrome browser.  Lets have a look on some of the best google chrome tricks and tips that you might never have tied before that are really amazing.

One of the best web browser that is available till date is the Google Chrome web browser. This highly feature fledged browser has some amazing options for users that make it much easier to browse. Some of you people might be using this browser for a long time but you may not be still familiar with most of its functions as there is a vast range of functions that Google chrome provides to users. Here in this article, we have mentioned some amazing tricks and tips for the Google Chrome browser. Go through the list and you will find out some really helpful tricks too that will also help you in browsing.

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Top 20 Best Google Chrome Tricks and Tips

So have a lookatn all the cool tricks and tips that you can try in your google chrome browser.

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1. Type chrome://flags/ in Google Chrome URL bar and you will see various cool settings that you may have never seen before in your Google Chrome, you can easily modify them to have the best browsing experience in your 1

2. Use these key combinations i.e Ctrl-Shift-T (Cmd-Shift-T on a Mac) to reopen the closed tabs or you can say undo the close action for tabs. Use this trick again to open the further closed tabs.

3. After selecting the text in the web page, right click on it and this will load a list of options. From there you can select the “search text” option. This will help you search the selected text and the result will be shown in the new tab. You can also search for the URL in the same 3

4. Press key combination of Ctrl-Shift-B (Cmd-Shift-B on a Mac). This will toggle the browser’s Bookmarks Bar in and out of view. This will show you the list of saved Bookmarks Bar folder along with the top of the screen. The drop-down menu for all of your other bookmarks will also be available on the far right.

5. Ctrl-Shift-D (Cmd-Shift-D on a Mac): the other key combinations that you can use the Google chrome. It will save all your open tabs as bookmarks within a single folder and if you want to reopen them, you can simply right-click on the folder and select “Open all bookmarks in a new window.”chrome 5

6.  Google chrome supports the hands-free searching function. Using Android-esqueOK, Google” hotword you can use voice search commands. Download the Google’s official Voice Search Hotword extension and add it to the google chrome. After enabling its functions you can use it to voice search the results.Chrome 6

7. Press ctrl+shift+J button of the keyboard in any of the web page and you will have the advanced developer option in your browser where you can on edit some on page coding of the Chrome.Chrome 7

8. Type anything in URL bar and press enter by holding Alt button of your keyboard it will open the searched thing in a new tab and you will not miss out the current page content.

9. For closing up all the open tabs instantly you just need a shortcut ctrl+w keys and this will gonna close all the open tabs in nanoseconds and is much more convenient than the close button.

10. Just type chrome://plugins in chrome URL bar and this will open all the installed plugins in your google chrome, you can simply disable and enable and of the plugins according to your 10

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11. Skip Google Search Result- With google chrome you can skip the Google search result and can land directly to the page you are searching for. You can search sites that aren’t google right from the Omni bar.


12. Google chrome lets users solve basic math equation right on the Address bar itself. Simply ask some simple questions and it will show you the answer without even hitting the Enter button.

solve basic math equation
solve the basic math equation

13. Well, we all know how to drag any Chrome tabs into another window. However, do you know you can drag multiple tabs too? Well, just press the CTRL key and click on all the tabs you wish to move and you can move them.

14. If you need to be much quicker by browsing through the tabs, then try this! Hold down the CTRL key and press any number from 1 to 9. It will help you to switch between tabs more easily.

15. Just installed Windows? Haven’t installed any media player yet? Well, you can play your media files in Google Chrome browser. Simply, drag the media files into your Chrome browser and enjoy!

16. Open Multiple Pages On Startup: If you are using Google Chrome for a while, then you might be very familiar to the default home page. However, do you know, Chrome gives you an option to open multiple pages as it starts up? You just need to head to the Chrome Settings and then enable the option ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’

17. Update your Chrome Browser: Normally, we install the Google Chrome browser and then we start using it. However, we never bother to check whether an update is waiting for us or not. Going through Chrome settings to update the browser might be a boring task, but, you can force Chrome to check for an update by typing chrome://help into the address bar.

18. Speed Up Google Chrome: You can actually do a lot of customizing of Google Chrome. However, all those customizing options eats lots of RAM. Moreover, Chrome consumes more RAM resources compared to other browsers out there. So, to speed up your Google Chrome Browser, type chrome://flags into the address bar and turn on the Enable fast tab/windows close. This will speed up your Google Chrome browser.

19. PIN Tabs: Well, Google Chrome provides us with a unique feature in which users can Pin a tab. The feature is useful for those who deal with lots of opened tabs. The feature locks the tab that you pin and it helps to avoid accidental tab close while dealing with lots of opened tabs. You just need to right-click on any of the opened tabs and then select the ‘PIN Tab’ option to lock the tab.

PIN Tabs
PIN Tabs

20. Create Desktop Shortcuts of your favorite web pages: Well, with Google Chrome web browser, you can turn any site into a desktop app. The feature helps to access your favorite web pages quickly. To create a desktop shortcut, click on the wrench icon and then select Tools. Under the tools, select ‘Create application shortcuts’. Now you will be asked to select whether you want the shortcut to appear on the desktop or start menu.

Create Desktop Shortcuts
Create Desktop Shortcuts

Here are some of the best and most used Google Chrome Browser Shortcuts that you can use:

#Ctrl+Tab – Navigate Tabs
#Ctrl+N – Open a new Chrome browser window
#Alt+Left Arrow – Go to the previous page from your history
#Alt+F – Open the wrench menu
#Alt+Home – Go to home page
#Ctrl+U – View source code of the current page
#Ctrl+K – To search quickly in the address bar
#Ctrl+L – Highlights the URL in the address bar
#Space bar – Scroll down the current web page
#Ctrl+Shift+N – Open a new incognito window
#Ctrl+Shift+B – Toggle bookmark display
#Ctrl+W – Close the current Tab
#Ctrl+H – Go to history window
#Alt+Right Arrow – Go to the next page from your history
#Ctrl+J – Go to downloads window

So these were the best and notably most used tricks for the Google chrome browser. You will find these tricks very helpful while you are browsing on the internet. Just give up the instant try to these tricks ! You shall come to know the real power of the giant beast i.e Google Chrome.


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