Many of you that had watch the Harry Potter movie must know about the Marauder Map. It was the map in movie that shows the location of everyone in the Hogwarts. And the location tracking shown there in the movie was real-time tracking that the person’s exact location was displayed in the map.

Similarly this Google Contacts Tracking trick is like that map in which you check the location of all your google contacts on Google Maps. So you just have to use this simple and easy method and google will work for you and mark out all your contacts current location on maps. Read out the complete method below.

Track All Your Google Contacts On Google Map

This tracking is very easy and depends on a cool google chrome extension that will let you to see all the locations of your google contacts on your google maps.

You can check out multiple user’s location at once using this. So read out the complete steps below to proceed.

Steps To Track All Your Google Contacts On Google Map :

  1. First of all you need to have latest version of Google Chrome Browser in your computer.
  2. After installing the latest version of Google Chrome launch it in your PC and then open the extension Map My Contacts.1
  3. Now click on Add to chrome there and then click on ok in the popup appears and the extension will get added to your chrome.2
  4. Now there click on Visit Website and this extension will require authorization as it tracks out the actual location give it the authorization needed. You will see all your contacts listed on Google maps according to their postal address saved in their google accounts.
  5. 4
  6. That’s is you are done; all your contact will be in front of you mapped on the Google maps.

With this you can check out the location of each contact and make sure that no one make fool of you with their fake addresses. Also this will be great fun with your friends by checking out their location tracking on Google Maps.

I hope you like this cool trick, do share it with others too. Also, leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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