How to Track The Time you Spend on Your MAC

It’s normal for an average user to get carried away while using their computer. The same thing goes for Mac users as well.

However, for those users, Apple has a solution that goes by the name – Screen Time. Screen Time feature is introduced to Mac with macOS Catalina, and it’s available even on the latest version of macOS as well.

Ways to Track The Time you Spend on Your MAC

Even if you are unsatisfied with your Mac’s Screen Time, you can utilize other third-party apps to track your time on your device. Here are the best ways to track your time on your Mac.

1. Turn On Screen Time on Mac

If you are using macOS Catalina or above, you need to follow these steps to turn on the Screen Time on your Mac. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Open the Apple Menu and click on System Preferences.

2. Now, navigate to Screen Time > Options.

3. Now click on the Turn On button beside ‘Screen Time for this Mac’

4. Once enabled, you need to go to System Preferences > Screen Time.

That’s it! You can now check the time you have to spend using your Mac. You can check the total screen time, app usage time, etc.

2. Timing App

Track The Time you Spend on Your Mac

The Timing app is one such app that has tweaked the present level of the Mac OS. This exceptional app has helped many utrack their device usage device by any person while tracking the time for each app.

Anyone would easily get impressed by the number of features the app has. Users can see the whole working of the device apps and the total productivity obtained from it.

3. Qbserve

Track The Time you Spend on Your Mac

This is the most prominent alternative to the Timing app for seeking for totally different UI but with all the features available inside it.

The behavior of this app is similar to the above-stated app, and the users can find a way to collaborate with it within a few minutes only. Try to utilize the potential of this app to increase your app’s performance and total output!

So, these are some simple steps that will help you track your time on your Mac. If you need more help tracking the time you spend on your Mac, let us know in the comments below.


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