Transfer iTunes Music To Android
Transfer iTunes Music To Android

Learn how to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android using the 4 different ways that will help you to easily get all your ios music from iTunes to right on your android. So follow the below guide to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the ascending technology, it has become much easier, quicker to access up any type music. This would also be the basic need of the music lover those who just wants to get up the music of their choice instantaneously running on their device. Syncing up the favorite music playlists with the different devices could also be a great feature that the music lovers of this generation might not compromise. Music organizing software like iTunes allows up the music lovers to sync their music with various other devices, but there is one problem while using up the iTunes and that is there is much complex way out to be followed while transferring up to the music from iTunes to the Android devices. This isn’t a straightforward process which the iTunes users would definitely not love! To solve out the problem or to ease up the complex action of sharing music to Android through iTunes we have written about the method in this article. Just read out this article and hence get that method!

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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow some simple step by step guide below to proceed.

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#1 Copy Tracks Manually

Transfer iTunes Music To Android
Transfer iTunes Music To Android

The very simple and preferred step that you can do to transfer up the music files from iTunes to Android is just transferred these files first to the computer. Once you have transferred your iTunes music files to the computer then you know that these files can be easily shared with the Android device through using up the wired connection i.e USB data cable connection. You can also tend to use up the third-party computer apps for making this task more convenient and quick!

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#2 Use Google Play Music

Transfer iTunes Music To Android
Transfer iTunes Music To Android

This is the cloud music streaming service that carries about every music track you need to play but if somehow you love to play up your favorite tracks and keep them in a different section then you can pin these tracks from where these tracks would be downloaded to your device. You just need to use up this service from the computer and then through that you can sync your favorite music tracks to the computer and hence to any of the devices. The synced music tracks can be also be accessed through any of the compatible device and hence you can also play these on the Android device. Remember to set up the iTunes as the default folder for your uploads and hence you can also check up the synced tracks from this app too!

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#3 Sync with doubleTwist

double Twist is the third party app that lets the users to directly transfer up the iTunes music files to the Android. To use up this app just follow up the steps given below:

1. First of all, download up to the doubleTwist app on your computer. Yes! you will require to use up the computer too.

2. Now after you have installed up to this app on your computer just connect your phone to the computer with the mass storage enabled. You should check this up strictly because if it is not connected in the mass storage mode then you won’t be able to see your device on the computer.

Transfer iTunes Music To Android
Transfer iTunes Music To Android

3. Once your device has been recognized on the computer then you could easily transfer up the music files as the syncing process will be triggered automatically. You can then confirm it from the options

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#4 Sync iTunes to Android- Pro App

This is the mobile app through using which you can easily sync the iTunes music playlists with up to 100 songs (free version) at a single time with the Android. To work on with this app follow up the below procedure:

1. Install this app to your Android device and also install up to the Sync iTunes to Android desktop client for your Windows PC.

2. Launch up this app on your Android device and note up to the IP address that is displayed on your screen. After that run up the desktop client and then type in that IP address shown on your mobile device.

Transfer iTunes Music To Android
Transfer iTunes Music To Android

3. Select up the category or the playlist from the list that appears and then proceed by clicking on the Start Sync button. You would see up the prompt that want’s to be confirmed before starting up the syncing process, just confirm it by clicking on “Yes” option. Your files will be then transferred!

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And this was the easy method through which you can now easily share your music from the iTunes to any Android device. You would be in a great need of such method as there is no way out to transfer up the music from the Apple devices to the other devices which could be making you feel less of your high-quality device but now after applying this method you won’t need to rely on any of the features and compatibility!