Twitter has been spotted testing some of its new features. The feature like a reaction to the Twitter Spaces, adding pronouns to the profile, an update button for tweets, and an edit tweet option.

Recently, Twitter has announced its ‘unmention from tweet’ feature where they also hinted about its upcoming ‘edit post’ feature which has been demanded for a long time.

A well-known tipster Alessandro Paluzzi has spotted these feature and as Twitter works to introduce its new feature we might see them in action very soon.

Twitter’s New Edit & Update Option Might Soon Available to Use

Twitter's New Edit & Update Option Might Soon Available to Use
credits: @alex193a

Currently, Twitter is keeping it with board issues with Elon Musk, there might be chance Musk is planning making this platform his own. Besides, the features is also under development, so after long wait a glimpse of edit tweet option.

According to Paluzzi, the edit option will be added in three dots menu options so it would be easy to edit your tweet if it was mistaken, interestingly Paluzzi also spotted an another button named Update which might the part or shortcut for Tweet editing. It is not confirmed yet, the Tweet will feature the edit tag after edited or there will any restrictions.

Twitter Reactions for Twitter Spaces
credits: @alex193a

Twitter is also working on Twitter Spaces, as Paluzzi reported after WhatsApp’s message reaction feature Twitter might planning a reaction feature for its Spaces. The reactions include all the basic reaction emojis and heart reaction with multi colors. Twitter Spaces competition ClubHouse already have this feature.

Adding pronouns to social media profile is new way to present, Instagram already gave this feature and now Twitter will soon also allow users to set pronouns on their profile. This feature was spotted last month but now AlessandroPaluzzi spotted a revamp in design, with new changes it will give you options to select with writing.

Currently there is no further information when these feature will be introduce to the platform. If there will any info new comes we will let you know stay updated.


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