Twitter on Thursday announced that select content creators on its platform are now eligible to earn a portion of ad revenue from ads served in the replies to their posts.

Twitter Launches Ads Revenue Sharing Program For Creators 

Twitter Launches Ads Revenue Sharing Program

Announcing the program on its ‘Creator Ads Revenue Sharing’ page, the company said it is part of its efforts to help people earn a living directly on Twitter. 

“We’re expanding our creator monetization offering to include ads revenue sharing for creators. This means that creators can get a share in ad revenue, starting in the replies to their posts,” the company said on the ‘Creator Ads Revenue Sharing’ page.

Further, the program will be available in all the countries where Stripe supports payouts.

“We are rolling out to an initial group who will be invited to accept payment,” the platform added.


According to Elon Musk, owner of the Twitter platform, the first round of payouts for creators would amount to $5 million. It will be cumulative from when he first announced the program in February. 

Meanwhile, several high-profile creators started posting about incoming deposits received from the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program. For instance, on Thursday, Billy Markus, the co-creator of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, shared that he received a payment amounting to a whopping $37,050.

What Are The Eligible Criteria

To be considered eligible for creator ads revenue sharing, creators must:  

  1. Be subscribed to Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations.
  2. Have at least 5 million impressions on their posts in each of the last three months.
  3. Pass human review for Creator Monetization Standards.

 Requirements Once Approved

  1. A Stripe account. Twitter works with Stripe for payouts and is rolling out to its first batch of creators who have already signed up for Creator Subscriptions.
  2. Adhere to the company’s Creator Subscriptions policies.

Where To Apply

Twitter will soon launch an application process for ads revenue sharing. Creators can apply for both Creator Subscriptions and Creator Ads Revenue Sharing by accessing the Monetization section within their account settings.

With Ad Revenue Sharing Program, Twitter is looking to influence content makers to create valuable content for their followers, attract more ads, and contribute to increasing the number of accounts subscribed to Twitter Blue.  


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