Beware, abusers, as the social media Twitter is responding to ‘Potentially Abusive Behavior’ with 12-Hour Time-Outs. Sounds pretty odd right, but, now this is something potential that the Social media is doing to maintain its users’ privacy and security.

Twitter’s New Tool BLOCKS Users For 12 Hours

Twitter has a big problem with trolls: they have created an infested nest of them and do not know how to fix it. Even Disney itself has rejected a proposed purchase because they would not even know how to control them. It is a very serious problem, and it is what is making the application less and less used. No doubt from here to the end of the year or even next year could be failing.

The security measures that Twitter has to avoid this type of users are few because we only have a report button, which has no effect. If we organize many people, we could even get rid of the account we wanted, even if we did not commit any infraction. Just a mass report would suffice to end any account.

Users will remain invisible for 12 hours

They have done nothing to prevent harassment on the platform, but they seem to want to go further. As they introduced a new tool, now, if a user misuses the application, it could cease those abusive users for twelve hours. However, it would only be visible to its followers, and for other users, it will show “account does not exist.”

Nor would they see their users or their tweets in the search engine, nor could they mention them. Yes, there are precedents in this decision, and this is already applied to anyone who followed/stopped following thousands of people at the same time, and it is an atrocious marketing tactic on Twitter. Of course, it is anticipated that the more times we have violated the rules, the longer this period will be, but at first, the ban will only remain for twelve hours.

Twitter may be changing its internal operations to re-launch offers to companies that once were interested in buying the company. At the moment, the CEO of the application has bought shares worth $7 million, which although only represents 10% of his fortune, which is a very significant amount.


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