Twitter has revealed a new interface for its DM feature on its web version. Twitter has brought a direct message box which is at the right of your timeline. This new interface is similar to Facebook, where we can chat with friends from the timeline.

Twitter Slide into those DMs without clicking away from your timeline.

Twitter's New Feature Makes Easier With Chat Box In Browser
Twitter’s New Feature Makes Easier With Chat Box In Browser

At present, when you want to chat on Twitter, the user needs to open a separate section of the website at the DM. But with the latest update, you can chat with friends from a pop-up window. Twitter posted a tweet with a video and informed about the chatbox rolling out for Web version.

This improvement for Twitter looks decent, but the announcement of this feature has done at the wrong time. As we know, the twitter accounts of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Obama, and others have been hacked in a bitcoin scam.

All the high profile accounts from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Apple, Uber, and others have tweeted the same message of donating for bitcoin.

The new DMs interface for Twitter was in development from April this year. Last year, a new DM search feature came on iOS twitter app.

This feature is rolled out for Twitter web version only.


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