As we all know that this is not the first time we have seen an “Extreme” version coming from a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Yes, the Extreme UMi Plus will instead have an Helio P20 (octa-core CPU comparable to Snapdragon 820 on paper) with 50% more RAM than the regular UMi Plus, which is its predecessor.

UMi Plus Extreme Edition Coming Soon With Helio P20 CPU And 6GB RAM

The Mediatek presented a few days ago, in an official way, their new SoC Helio P20, P25 and X30, and the Helio P20 and P25 are indicated to equip mid-range smartphones and Helio X30 for high-end devices.

The UMi is the first brand to announce the inclusion of Helio P20 in one of its new smartphones, the UMi Plus “Extreme”.

The Helio P10 was a successful SoC for Chinese brand Mediatek in the average range, as Helio X20 on top segment models these can still be responsible for the affirmation of Mediatek as Trustmark, somehow it shaken by some performance issues reported in previous models. Brands like Sony, HTC, Oppo trusted processing of their device with these SoC and soon we will see the brand like Samsung to adopt MediaTek processors.

The new Helio P20 has 8 cores (Cortex A53) and operates at 2.3 GHz, instead of helium P10 2.0 GHz, thereby obtaining a 20% higher performance. The GPU is a Mali T880MP2 with the clock speed of 900MHz, 25% better than its predecessor.

Camera is expected to support 4K recording and will arrive with the 13 MP sensor and front camera 5 MP, confirming the clear trend of including double rooms in ranges of smartphones without being top.

The UMi is the first brand to adopt the new SoC, it said, thanks to the quality of their latest devices which is able to give confidence to Mediatek to do so. The chosen model, which has been called UMi Plus “Extreme”, will be the first smartphone to carry new processor Helio P20.

The UMi Plus “Extreme” was announced by the mark on its Facebook page as a superior model to UMi Plus, with 6GB of RAM memory with the latest version of Android that still few brands are adopting and two colors, black and blue, and an elegant design inspired by the new iPhone 7.

According to a new image that appeared on the mark, it is likely that the new UMi Plus “Extreme” may further be equipped with the dual rear camera. The UMi Plus “Extreme” will reach the market with a price hovering around $300 to $350 but for now, there is no possibility of pre-booking.

Already UMi Plus (standard version), which will begin to be distributed on 5 October, is currently in pre-sales. To book just visit the website UMi (), enter the email in the box below “Global Presales” and click “Subscribe”.

Thus the UMi Plus will be reserved at the price of pre-sales. You can also win a UMi Plus, simply subscribe to the hobby on the same page, below the “Giveaway”, and then choose the preferred embodiments with a phrase and submit. The winner will be chosen on the 30th of September.

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