Most Android devices have multiple sensors like light, gravity, proximity, etc. These sensors are there to perform particular actions or tasks you might be familiar with if you regularly use your Android device.

These sensors probably might be used for just the defined tasks or the actions only, but you might have never tried utilizing these sensors for some other actions or tasks (most probably).

As the sensors could be used for many other reasons in different ways, being a user of the Android device (customization is the reason) you should know to play with these in an advanced course.

Unique Ways to use Sensors on Android Device

Here in this article, we have written ten unique ways to utilize the sensors on your Android device to perform many different tasks. To know about the ways, head on to the main part of the article below and read about it afterward.

Unique Ways to use Sensors on Android Device

1. Use the gestures to control the media playback on your device, which all require the usage of a Proximity sensor and the Wave Control app.

Just try it up to control your music playback in a cool new way. Hover your hand over the proximity sensor, and you can change up the tracks or stop the music playback, etc.

2. Automatically answer your calls using the proximity sensor, just use the app named SpeakerPhone Ex, and it will do the rest for you.

You require to raise your phone to the ear, and it should be answered the calls. Apart from that, there is a huge list of other call-related gestures. This app carries with you; look at these now.

3. Lock and Unlock your device by using the gestures like waving a hand over the proximity etc. To enable all such gestures on your device, you must install the Kin Screen app and set it up. You would get all those gestures running.

4. For custom actions or defining gestures over the Proximity on your device, you could prefer to use the Proximity Actions app. Make your gesture for any action or opening of the app, anything.

For Camera/Flash

For Camera/Flash

1. Use the Cardiography app to check your instant heartbeat accurately, and all this is done by placing your finger on the main camera of your device over the flash as well. This is sometimes inaccurate, but you will find great results if you work with it.

2. Calculate the Distance from the objects using the Smart Distance app. This advanced app uses the data from the camera of your device and hence regulates it in a way to find out the accurate distance from the objects.

Just add the estimated height of the object in the app ad and point your camera towards that, and the app will tell you the distance within seconds.

3. Using the old Android device could be no better than this. Just use your Old Android camera as the surveillance or the motion detector by installing the Motion detector App. This app sends the images of the triggered intruder to the defined email, which you can customize anytime.

For Magnetometer

For Magnetometer

1. Compass is something that you would likely not carry all the time with you, but the Android device would be the one you most probably carry with you.

If you wish or need to use the compass for some reason, don’t bother to buy one or carry up to one with you all the time because the Android device with a Magnetometer sensor could be used as a compass by installing the app named Smart Compass.

2. Accelerometer: Just use the Android device to check or measure up the device’s speed or acceleration!

The app Accelerometer Gauge could be used for the very purpose, and you could change your Android into the Speedometer/odometer.

For Gyroscope

For Gyroscope

1. Pocket Buble Level is the app that works with the Gyroscope sensor of your device to give you the whole data of the leveler, and hence you could use up your device to level up your projects or the objects, etc.

You need to calibrate it first; then, you can perform the designated action.

So, these were the unique ways we could use the different sensors on our Android device and hence get amazing tasks done through them. As from the article, you have all the different ways of using up the sensors on Android; it’s now your time to apply these all and get the benefits. I hope you like the method, don’t forget to share your views!


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