Learn How to Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11 using the inbuilt feature of a software update in your iOS. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is great new feature addition on the newest software version of the Apple TV and we are definitely knowing that all of you would be really glad to get this update of the software to your device. Although you might not be running the latest Apple TV that is comprised of the TVOS 11 version but still you have the option to update your device. Basically, when it comes to updating your smart TV it first feels really easy but while you start with if you find yourself to be confused and lack of direction is there. Many of the users from you possibly might be trying to update their Apple TV but might have failed to do so. To help out the users get their TV updated and hence enjoy the amazing number of features we have comprised this article with the whole of the details related to the same topic. We hope that this article would prove to be helpful to you so just carry on and seek what we have written inside it. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which you would be able to update your Apple TV to TVOS 11 and hence grab all the functionality of this amazing new OS. If you feel that the topic is beneficial for you or you are interested in this post then please carry on reading it until the end. We assure that you would find up something of great value for your purposes. So let’s carry on with the main part of this method!

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How to Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11

Let’s have a look at the step by step guide that will help you to implement this.

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Steps to Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11:

#1 First of all switch on your Apple TV and then begin up the method by opening up the Settings app on the home screen. This is quite easy to do as you have the option for that in the very familiar and always used menu screen of the TV. Hope that you people would be knowing about the way to open up the settings screen of the TV. If you have reached the settings screen simply switch to the next step and follow it up.

Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11
Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11

#2 Inside the settings screen or the Window on your smart Apple TV scroll down and select “System” option. This option as is suggesting has all the options under it relating to the settings that would be making up the changes to the entire system of the TV software. Now it is to be noted that while proceeding to this method you don’t have to make changes to any anonymous options.

Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11
Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11

#3 Simply look for the “Software Updates” option and click on it. This option is going to help you update your TV to the newest version of the OS. Remember to provide the live internet connection to the device as the changes would require it in further steps. Also look at the screen to see if you are already running the latest version of the software or not. If you are already on the latest version then you might have the Automatic Updates turned on.

Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11
Update Your Apple TV to TVOS 11

#4 Now if you are seeing that the latest version is not running on your device then start to Update it by selecting the Update Software option, followed by selecting the Download and Install button. You will be notified of the option if the update is available for your device. If available then let it be updated and then wait for some time while your TV restarts.

#5 After restart the TV will begin to finalize the update process and you shall be notified through the progress bar. Let it complete and then you would be all done!

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Now after reading the whole information in this article you would have got to know about the proper method to upgrade the Apple TV to TVOS and hence get the hands on to the amazing new features and functionality. Our focus is to write about the topic in such a way that almost everyone from the beginners to the advanced level seekers could get the best possible knowledge. And supposedly we believe that you would also have grasped the topic details of this page very easily. At last, we just hope that you would be liking the information in this article, if it is like that then please go and share this with others. As your dealing with the content of this article is of utmost importance so we would love if you would share your valuable opinions or the suggestions related to this post. For posting your writings log on to the comments section below!


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