Let’s look at the method to Use a Smartphone as a Portable Writing Station using the simple methods that will convert your smartphone into a full-screen keyword, and you can pair that with any other device like your PC and type very conveniently from your smartphone. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed with this.

Those who are not owning any laptop or desktop might be finding it really difficult to type on the touchscreen keyboard of the smartphone. Typing or writing on the smartphone is not easy, and you will require to be very patient and accurate to type faster. This can be big trouble if you are willing to write long posts, content.

However, there is a possible way with which the smartphone can be transformed and thus converted into a writing station, and the typing will be done not by the touchscreen keyboard. Here in this article, we have written about how the smartphone can be used as a portable writing station, and hence the work could be done really quick. If you are interested in reading about this information or find it helpful for your usage, please read it down.

All of the proper information is provided in the main section of this post, as is given below; remember to read until the end of the page to get the whole knowledge regarding the topic. So, let’s get started!

Steps to Use a Smartphone as a Portable Writing Station

I was looking for some best keyboards for my Tablet, and then I read one guide on using your smartphone as a PC keyboard, and then I researched for some of the best ways that can turn my smartphone into some handy keywords so that,

I can easily access it from a distance to control my PC keys, and luckily, I found one great app that converted my smartphone into a Portable writing system, and I can easily get that pair with my PC and use it.

And then I thought of writing the same for my technical visitors as you guys must be using some external devices for your tablets or PC.

Now it’s time to use this cool method. So follow the below step-by-step guide that will help you to convert your Android into a writing station.

1. Mobile Case to Make it Stand

While you are to type through the external keyboard so for that purpose, the case is required to hold the smartphone such that you could be able to view it. Smartphone cases are abundant with stands available on the internet, or you can also find them near you.

For your particular smartphone, choose the case and put your device in that case. When in use, you can be able to stand the device for viewing the screen. Make sure you choose the right stand for your device according to the size, etc., to have a handy grab on that.

How to Use a Smartphone as a Portable Writing Station

2. Bluetooth Keyboard

The Bluetooth keyboard does not consist of any wires to connect to the smartphone and works smoothly and fast with the wireless connection made over the Bluetooth. Again there are several Bluetooth keyboards for smartphones available on the internet; buy any of the ones that suit you the most and then install it with your device. Remember that the size of the keyboard must be good enough so that typing can be easier.

Now Bluetooth keyboard can work with any of the applications inside the smartphone; hence you can type inside any of the apps while working on them. There will be no need to touch the screen while typing, but you could need to touch the screen for scrolling and other options.

How to Use a Smartphone as a Portable Writing Station

3. A Good Notepad Application

Application inside which you could be able to write and save the text is required. Wordpad suite for mobile devices is a wonderful app for creating rich text documents with the whole formatting.

Search for the best app you would like for the flexibility, install it, and start typing. There are many apps in the market, but you make sure that you choose the right one that works perfectly on your device.

How to Use a Smartphone as a Portable Writing Station

Finally, after reading this article, you have got to know about the method for smartphone users looking to convert their device into a powerful writing station. All of the information given here is written so that anyone can get about the important aspects easily.

I hope that you might be liking the information given in this article. If it is so, then please try to share it with others too.

Also, share your suggestions and opinions regarding this content by using the comments section below. Your indulgence in our work is really grateful to us, keep supporting us, and we would always be coming up with all new amazing information.

At last, but thanks for reading this post! And if you have any topic in mind that you want us to write, please share with us to work on it for you.


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