Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android.

Learn how to Use Bluetooth Keyboard with your Android Device with the help of simple and easy way that will help you to get bluetooth keyboard connect to your device and you can type with great ease.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have any Android device that supports the OTG connection then you know that there are so many options you could add more new gadgets to your device through the OTG cable, but what if the device doesn’t support it? It means then there could be no connection of OTG, and many of the amazing devices could not be added for functionality on the Android through the OTG, but there remain only wireless options for the users to add on the devices. The Keyboard is the one of such kind of devices that the Android users would wish to use so as to expand up the text input capabilities, but for now-OTG supporting devices the wired one could just feel like the null valued item, and they would pretend to use up the Bluetooth keyboard. To sort that, there is some method through which the keyboard could be easily added using the Bluetooth connection only. Here in this article, we have written the method with which you could attach and use the Bluetooth Keyboard with your Android device conveniently. To know about the process, just head on to the main part of the article which is given below.

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How to Use Bluetooth Keyboard with your Android Device

Below is the complete step by step guide that will help you to use Bluetooth Keyboard with your Android Device easily. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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Steps to Use Bluetooth Keyboard with your Android Device:

1. First of all, get the Bluetooth keyboard and the Android device, yes that is commonly the very first thing which is required almost. After getting up the keyboard, you have to check that it is turned on or not. If not then turn it on for letting it be searched through the Android device for the connection.

2. Using the Android device, enable it’s Bluetooth and then from the Bluetooth settings or the wizard of the Android device, you need to search for the keyboard name. This is pre-required because for making the connection first, the device needs to be paired and also get into the connection liability of the list in Android device. Once your Android device locates or searches the Bluetooth keyboard, just tap on it to pair up with it.

3. If you are unable to locate your keyboard, then try to make the search again by pressing the “Search for devices” option on the Bluetooth screen or the wizard of the Android. Try to place the keyboard as near to the Android device as you can because this would affect the signal strength of the Bluetooth to remain on the stronger side.

Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android.
Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android.

4. Once the keyboard has been shown on the Bluetooth list of the wizard, just select it, and some code shall prompt you. Just check the checkbox option from the message and then go for it or accept it. That’s it; you would now see that your keyboard is successfully connected to the Android device and hence you could now work on through it.

Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android.
Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android.

5. Now using the keyboard is as simple as you would be knowing and it is not at all different from the traditional style keyboards. Type in like you are typing on the wired keyboard only, but the real thing is that you are not having up the wire restrictions or limitations at all. At last, to disconnect up to the keyboard from your Android simply turn off the Bluetooth and also the keyboard and it would be disconnected.

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So, this was the method through which you could easily use the Bluetooth Keyboard with the Android device and work on it through that. As from the article, you have got up that the method isn’t too difficult or complex, but any moderate user could apply it without any issues. It’s now your time to apply this method and hence get on the keyboard attached with your Android just through the Bluetooth connection. Hope you would like up the method, don’t forget to share your views!