Use Game Mode In Windows 10
Use Game Mode In Windows 10

Learn how to Use Game Mode In Windows 10 using the simple settings that will help you to boost your gaming experience in your operating system by tweaking some inbuilt settings, So follow the below guide to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]indows 10 is that explosive launch from the Microsoft that is all filled with potash feature crystals. Right from the time of arrival and till now, the geeks have found an immense number of new features and functions inside this giant operating system. Microsoft has considered reach and every aspect of computing to make this new version. Gaming needs of the users were taken seriously by the developers of Windows 10 and so they have included a special settings panel for it. Through the settings inside the websites the users are given the control to boost or set up the performance and behavior of games, and hence get the ultimate smooth gaming experience! These settings the Microsoft have named it to Game Mode and here in this article, we are going to talk about the features and settings of this new settings. If you wish to know how you can also use the game mode to increase the gaming levels then please just follow up the article below and read it out!

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How to Use Game Mode In Windows 10

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow a simple step by step guide that we had discussed just right below. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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You must be running the Windows Creators Version on your device. This version is still in progress so the users could only access it through the Windows Insider Program.

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Steps to Use Game Mode In Windows 10

#1 First of all the users need to enable this game mode feature in the Windows. This feature is disabled by default and it does require some user preferences app to provide the maximum functionality and gaming support. To switch on this feature simply go to the Start Menu -> Settings -> Gaming. After reaching this gaming settings panel select the Game Mode that is placed on the left side panel. Through using the simple Toggle button you can view switch the Game Mode, and let us tell you that you have to toggle the button next to “Use Game Mode” option.

Use Game Mode In Windows 10
Use Game Mode In Windows 10

#2 As by the above steps you have enabled the Game mode but here is one problem, this feature won’t work automatically for every game you run. Players need to kick start this feature for any game they run. Follow the steps ahead to know how the Game mode could be turned on for any game.

#3 Launch the game you wish to play and induce the Game mode flexibility. On running the game the Windows will automatically prompt the message saying user to Open Game Bar and the message also contains the key combinations for doing so (i.e Windows key + G). This could be done through the alter way, that is by pressing the Xbox button on the gamepad.

Use Game Mode In Windows 10
Use Game Mode In Windows 10

#4 Note that if this thing doesn’t appear or any such prompt don’t arise on your game screen then possibly your game isn’t supported by the Game Mode yet.

#5 Following the method, just click on the Settings icon placed on the extreme left side of the Game bar that you launched using the above key combinations. A dialog box will appear on the screen and it will be carrying the option Use the Game Mode for This Game. Just select the checkbox placed on it and your game would then utilize the Game Mode functionality and technology!

Use Game Mode In Windows 10
Use Game Mode In Windows 10

#6 The Game mode tends to improve the overall gameplay and processing and hence do increase the user experience too. Till now this feature is under construction but we could only conclude or final verdict about this feature on the official release. Wait till now, we are pretty sure that it will rock!

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It is the best practice and the try by the Microsoft to induce the gaming-related customizations and settings. This feature is really amazing and will do wonders for the gamers by providing them with ultimate hacking experience. Yet this feature is not at its best levels but we could hope that soon the Widows will become the top class gaming base. At last, we hope that you liked this article. Please provide us with your opinions regarding this discussion through the comments section below!


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