Remove Unwanted Elements from a Photo

Now you can Use the ‘Healing’ Tool to Remove Unwanted Elements from a Photo that will help you to fix any type of issues in your old images. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

In this article, we will teach you about the usage of ‘Healing tool’ inside the Snapseed. This tool is used to remove unwanted elements from a photo or generally you can say it is primarily used for image editing only. The edited images can be shared to Instagram, Facebook, and VSCO, any other social media platform etc. Surely, you might have heard about the snapseed app as everyone nowadays are selfie lover and the snapped app is amazingly popular and is highly used for social media apps. For the beginners, it is always difficult to carry forwards the tasks inside any new app or platform, and as Snapseed would also be used for the first time by the users, therefore, they shall not be knowing about the exact way of its working. Talking about the Healing tool inside this app, anyone might be able to use it easily but for the startup, some clear guidance is required. The process is not complex to utilize the tool but still, it is preferred that you must learn to use it first so that while editing the images you would not encounter any kind of issues. Here in this article, we have written about the full method of working with the healing tool of the Snapseed and hence you can read it all to grab the knowledge out of it. Our motive is to make you familiar with the tool and thereby let you know about the way to remove unwanted elements out from the images. If you are interested to learn the way how this healing tool works then please read the article given below!

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Use the ‘Healing’ Tool to Remove Unwanted Elements from a Photo

The method is quite easy and you just need to install one app and you are done, So follow the below step by step guide to the proceeding.

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Steps Use the ‘Healing’ Tool to Remove Unwanted Elements from a Photo:

#1 First of all download and install the Snapseed app on your iOS or Android device. This is the app that we will be using to remove the unwanted elements from the images. This app’s functions will be all explained in this post or the method. You must notice that utilizing this feature rich app is not easy and for excelling it or mastering it you need to work with it for many times.

#2 Now we are to start with the method of using the seasoned app for the removal of the Unwanted elements from the photo. Open the image that you wish to edit and then proceed to the snap seed’s editing screen by clicking on the edit icon. After all this, you need to select the Healing tool from the list of available tools that appear on the screen.

Remove Unwanted Elements from a Photo
Remove Unwanted Elements from a Photo

#3 Healing tool can be used only on the surfaces of the image containing just the similar colors and the patterns. The healing tool clones the nearby pixels and hence makes the total look of the image and also removes the unwanted elements from the images. Using the Healing tool is easy, simply select the tool and then start to use it. Drag your finger on the pixels or the part of the image that you wish to heal but before that, you have to double tap on the position that will be used as the perfect cloning section.

Remove Unwanted Elements from a Photo
Remove Unwanted Elements from a Photo

#4 Use the healing tool and hence remove the pixels that you don’t want on your image and hence save the image file after all your amendments.

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So, finally, you are at the end of this article where you have now got about almost every things and uses of the healing tool of the Snapseed app. After reading the above information you surely will be able to easily play with the images and therefore edit them to remove the background elements from it! We have tried to provide almost every essential info regarding the topic and we believe that it would be enough to make any person get started with the Snapseed. We hope that you people will like this article and also you might share it with others. In case if you wish to share your opinions related to the post then you can do that easily through the comments section!


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