We all know very well that the tech giant Appleā€™s iPhone X is currently the best of the best from Apple, and obviously it is also supposed to deliver top-class performance that would simply position it as a leader of the smartphone industry.

VIDEO: This iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test Is A Little Embarrassing For Apple

Undoubtedly, they are the two most desired mobile phones of the moment, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X, the latter new to stores and arrived last Friday in very limited quantities. Now a test of speed of the Galaxy Note 8 against the iPhone X gives us a surprising result.

The news of this weekend is being covered by the iPhone X, as some lucky have been able to get some of the few units that have been put on sale last Friday, although most buyers will still have to wait several weeks to have it in their hand.

We are used to watching videos that compare the speed of the iPhone against other Android phones, and usually the former usually wins out by a more powerful processor, which always comes after Android flagships and a lightweight operating system that favors a greater speed of operation.

But, now a test has surprised us greatly, showing the performance of the iPhone X against the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the flagship of the South Korean giant, which is an exceptional mobile.

Well, as you can see at the beginning of the video, the results in a performance test of the Apple A11 Bionic versus the Snapdragon 835 are more than developers, with a result in favor of the iPhone X processor of almost double the number of points in the multi-core Before beginning the test we show that both phones are updated with the latest version of their respective software.

Well, once the test starts, the result is surprising. And it is because it shows that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is much faster by opening the different apps that are compared to the iPhone X.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is able to open 21 apps faster, compared to 9 in which the iPhone X is the fastest mobile to open, an undeniably surprising result based on the power of the Apple A11 processor.

Although the thing changes when it touches to launch again the applications already opened previously. In this case, the result remains in favor of the iPhone X, as it managed to open 10 apps faster than 2 of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But it is certainly the first test that surprises us the most and gives us to think how good the tech giant Apple optimized iOS 11 on the new iPhone X.

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