With more than 20 years of experience providing advanced and intelligent weather data products and services to companies across a gamut of industries, Earth Networks knows a thing or two about severe weather. That is why insurance companies trust them to provide data and analytics that influence the ways they help clients.

Weather Data is Changing the Insurance Marketplace

A vast majority (79 percent, to be exact) of insurers believe that weather data and analytics will play a significant role in meeting P&C customers’ needs over the next several years. Additionally, almost half of insurance companies are planning to use weather-related data as a critical component of their analytics strategy. This is changing the way insurance agencies are servicing customers, including:

  • Creating market-specific product and service offers
  • Zoning in on marketing activities to lower-risk prospects
  • Charging costs based on local weather patterns
  • Reducing claims by alerting clients of potentially damaging oncoming weather and storms
  • Accelerating claims validation for hazardous weather events

How Earth Networks Can Help

With more than 20 years of expertise under their belts, Earth Networks also operates the first and only in-cloud and cloud-to-ground global lightning detection network, with more than 1,200 sensors worldwide. They also have the largest proprietary weather observation network, with more than 12,000 hyper-local stations spanning the entire globe. Earth Networks’ Sferic Map product acts as a real-time weather tracker and collaboration tool which allows you share weather maps & custom drawings with other colleagues in different locations. This can help insurance companies verify storm damage claims instantly. Their Sferic weather data API tool further allows insurance companies to view hourly forecasts up to six days’ prior, improving the efficiency of short-term forecasts.

Earth Networks’ RoadWX dataset also accurately delivers estimates of road conditions on any road in the world so that insurance providers can give their clients weather warnings instantly.

Trust in Earth Networks to stay a step ahead of the weather. Learn more about insurance and weather here.


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