If you are a social media geek, you may have encountered hundreds of acronyms and abbreviations. Like social media sites, acronyms were relatively high on instant messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.

This article will discuss another acronym that Snapchat users mainly use. The acronym we will discuss is ‘PYO’ and how it’s used on the photo/video sharing app.

What Does ‘PYO’ Mean on Snapchat?

Recently, many Snapchat users have messaged us asking about what PYO means on Snapchat. We know that certain acronyms used on Snapchats are easier to understand, like IMO, FYO, LOL, etc., but there comes the PYO, which seems to confuse many users.

Actually, the meaning of PYO is not very difficult to understand, but where you use it could be tricky. PYO on Snapchat means ‘Put You On’.

‘Put You On’ or ‘PYO’ is usually used in serious, humorous, or to showcase a sense of curiosity in the chat. Whenever the PYO is used on a chat, the sender has something interesting to share with you.

However, whether the phrase is used in seriousness or in humor depends entirely on the tone of the conversation. The use of ‘PYO’ adds a touch of excitement to the chat because it leaves the receiver curious about what happened.

So, to sum up, PYO means ‘Put you on’, and it’s mainly used on the chat to tell the other person that something interesting, tragic, or funny happened.

How to Use ‘PYO’ on Snapchat?

PYO is one such acronym; even if you know its meaning, you will find it difficult to use it on a chat. So, to make things a bit easier for you, we have compiled a few examples to showcase the use of PYO on Snapchat. Let’s check out the examples.

Example 1: While Sharing Something Funny

Alex: You won’t believe what happened in school today.

Emily: Hey, please tell me!

Alex: It was so funny! Let me PYO the hilarious incident.

In the above example, Alex wants to tell Emily about the funny incident in the school, and he uses ‘PYO’ for his expression.

Example 2: Used to show excitement

Chris: You won’t believe what I purchased today.

Taylor: What is it?

Chris: A retro gaming console! Let me PYO my new gaming setup.

In the above example, Chris used ‘PYO’ in the conversation. Using PYO in the chat means Chris wants to share all the details of his new gaming setup.

Example 3: Sharing something important

Brad: Hey, I got engaged to Sara.

Jordan: Wow! Tell me more about this. How it happened?

Brad: Long story! Let me PYO with the details.

In the above conversation, Brad will explain (PYO) how he and Sara got engaged.

Example 4: While Revealing a Plan

Alex: Hey, Emily, I have a plan for this weekend!

Emily: Tell me all the details!

Alex: Sure, give me a minute. Let me PYO the whole plan.

In the above conversation, Alex will share all his plans with Emily using ‘PYO’.

So, these are some of the great examples of how to use PYO on Snapchat. You can use it whenever you have something exciting, funny, or humorous to tell somebody.

Some other Meanings of ‘PYO’ on Chat?

Well, the meaning of PYO on Snapchat is ‘Put you on’, but it can also have other meanings, depending on the conversation. Below, we have shared a few other popular meanings of PYO on a chat.

Put Yourself Off

Depending on the context of the conversation, the meaning of ‘PYO’ may completely change as it could also mean ‘Put Yourself Off’.

You can use ‘Put Yourself Off’ to restrain somebody from doing something bad for them. Check this example to understand what we mean.

Morgan: I want to lose weight fast! Check this extreme diet plan that I want to follow.

James: PYO from the extreme diets. These can have a bad impact on your overall health!

In the above conversation, James tells Morgan to avoid extreme diet plans for healthy living.

Put Yourself On

Like the Put Yourself Off, ‘Put Yourself On’ is another meaning of ‘PYO’ on a chat. Again, the use of ‘Put yourself on’ depends entirely on the tone of the conversation.

The ‘PYO’ as ‘Put Yourself On’ means you are allowing the other person to tell, and you’re listening.

Alex: Hey, I want to share a secret with you!

Thomas: PYO, I am listening

In the above conversation, Thomas is telling Alex that he can share his secret and is interested in knowing it.

Pick Your Own

Pick your own is easier to understand than every other meaning of PYO on Snapchat. If someone sends you PYO in the context of shopping or if you are seeking help, PYO could mean ‘Pick Your Own’

PYO, as Pick Your Own, is very rare to be used on Snapchat, but it’s still used. If you seek help from someone and they send you ‘PYO’, it means they want to make your own decision and will not help. Take this example for a better understanding.

Anna: Hey Sara! Please help me pick the best costume for Halloween.

Sara: I am not good at picking costumes. PYO.

In this conversation, Sara tells Anna that she is not good at picking costumes and must make her own choice.

So, this article is all about what PYO means on Snapchat and how to use it. We have also shared a few examples to give you a clear idea of what PYO exactly means on a chat. Let us know if you need more help in understanding PYO in Snapchat.


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