Like every other social networking platform, Twitter is also the one where various acronyms and abbreviations have been used.

If you recently joined Twitter and used it for more than a day, you might have seen many of your followers tweeting with the abbreviation ‘TL’.

Someone might have sent you a Direct Message with a ‘TL’ in it. The ‘TL’ abbreviation can be confusing and force you to reach out to your friends for help.

Hence, if you have just joined Twitter and need to know what ‘TL’ stands for, continue reading the guide. Below, we have explained what ‘TL’ is on Twitter, how you can use it, and a few examples.

What Does ‘TL’ Mean on Twitter?

Well, TL is one such abbreviation used only on Twitter. Unlike other acronyms and abbreviations used on many different platforms, you will find people using ‘TL’ only on Twitter.

TL on Twitter means ‘Timeline’. Twitter timelines are basically a series of twitters or messages displayed in the order in which they are sent.

Now, on Twitter, you have different kinds of Timelines. For example, the home timeline is what you see on your Twitter home page. The home timeline will have a list or series of tweets from everyone you follow.

Similarly, you will also find a Twitter lists timeline that shows messages from users created by you or lists created by others you follow. The next is the Twitter Search timeline, which shows tweets and other information that matches your search term.

How to use ‘TL’ on Twitter?

Well, if you came across a tweet containing ‘TL’ or someone messaged you with ‘TL’, it simply means they are referring to the Timeline.

You can use ‘TL’ on Twitter whenever you want to mention ‘Timeline’. For example, instead of telling someone to check your timeline, you can message them, check my ‘TL’. Below are a few examples that will show you how to properly use ‘TL’ on Twitter.

Tim: Hey, David, I check this tweet on my TL about your new office! Congrats.

David: Thank You, David. I shared the tweet with my followers.

In the above conversation, Tim tells David that he has checked his tweet in his TL (Timeline).

Thomas: My TL is already a mess!! I need to clear it or take a break for a while.

In the above message, Thomas says his Twitter Timeline is a mess.

Kevin: Hey Tim, have you checked my TL?

Tim: No, I am yet to check it since I’ve been busy for the past few days. But what’s so important in your TL?

In the above conversation, Kevin asks Tim whether he has checked his Twitter timeline.

So, these are some of the examples of TL on Twitter. You can use it wherever you need to mention your Timeline.

Other Acronyms & Abbreviations used on Twitter

Like the TL, there are other acronyms and abbreviations used on Twitter. Below, we have listed some of them to help you understand them in a better way.

LRT: This means Last Retweet.

RT: RT on Twitter means Retweet.

DM: DM on Twitter means Direct Messages.

CC: This stands for Carbon Copy.

BTW: BTW on Twitter or any other platform means ‘By the Way’ or ‘Between’.

Oomf: This means ‘One of my followers’.

DP: This one is mostly used on Facebook and Twitter, and it stands for ‘Display Picture’.

IDK: IDK on every social media and instant messaging app means ‘I Don’t Know’.

NSFW: This means ‘Not Safe for Work’.

TLDR: TLDR on Twitter means ‘Too long, didn’t read’.

So, this guide is all about what does TL mean on Twitter and how you can use it. If you need more help understanding TL on Twitter, let us know in the comments. Also, if this article helped you, make sure to share it with your friends.


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