Time to know about botnet, what botnet network actually is and how to detect and remove it from your pc. So follow the complete guide discussed below to proceed to secure your privacy.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat is Botnet? It is a type of network of computers that have been arranged by the network attackers so as to perform up the hacking tricks, techniques and therefore steal up the networks, data from other devices. Every individual computer device from the group of Botnet is called as Bot, and the Bot is generally fromed up whenever a computer gets infected by the malware. This malware is actually induced by the hackers themselves only because through this malware they tend to get up the remote access to other computers or devices without the owner of that devices being known of that. Now as you have got about the Botnet then you should have also got up that your computer may also get prone to their attacks anytime as this isn’t impossible. You could be thinking that how can you judge and hence block these attacks on your computer if you are feeling like you had become the victim for some reason. Don’t worry because we have written some dazling tricks and ways in this article through which you can easily detect and thereby prevent up the botnet attack on your computer. Just read on the article to know about the method!

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What is a Botnet? How to Detect it and Prevent it

Below is the complete guide that will help you to know about botnet and the method that will help you to detect and prevent it. So follow the below guide to proceed.

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How to Detect up the Botnet

It could be very difficult to detect up the Botnet on your device because it is made to work in such a way that it could not be detected anyhow. But if you want to find up the botnet on your computer then there are some common signs which you could consider:

* High Outgoing SMTP Traffic
* Unexpected Pop-ups on your device’s screen
* Computer get slow because of higher CPU useage
* Issues with the Internet Accessing on the device
* IRC Traffic

What is a Botnet? How to Detect it and Prevent it
What is a Botnet? How to Detect it and Prevent it

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How to Prevent from the Botnets

There are some of the different methods that you can use to prevent from the botnets and these methods are:

* Network Baselining process
* Vigilance Method: Users should be trained to protect from the High risk of Botnets by this method
* Inducing Software Patches
* Use Anti-Botnet Tools: There are various such tools that you can prefer to use on your device

What is a Botnet? How to Detect it and Prevent it
What is a Botnet? How to Detect it and Prevent it

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How to Remove Botnet

You won’t get any benefits to detect up the botnets as it will still work unless you remove it from your device. Now to remove up the botnet you can use up the security softwares with the botnet removal functionality included. One of such tool is Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool which you can easily find out and download for your device!

What is a Botnet? How to Detect it and Prevent it
What is a Botnet? How to Detect it and Prevent it

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And this was all about Botnet, it’s description and the methods through which you can easily detect it’s attack on your device and hence using up the above discussed methods to block these types of attacks. Now you have got up everything which could be possible needed for the Botnet issues, the only thing that you are left with is trying up this method on your device. So go on and try up the above botnet prevention methods on your device to make it more safer!