Popular social networking sites and instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., offers you a security feature called Two-Factor Authentication.

Two Factor or Mult factor authentication is a security feature designed to protect your online account, but do you know how it works and protects your account?

Two-Factor Authentication And Why You Should Use It

In this following article, we will talk about two-factor authentication and why everyone should enable and use it. So, let’s learn everything about Two-Factor Authentication.

What is two-factor authentication?

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Two-factor authentication, also known as Multi-factor authentication, is a feature that adds a layer of security when you log in with your accounts in different internet services.

During the last few years, the relevance of this method has grown enormously and has already been adopted by many popular tech companies.

Thanks to this system, it is not enough just with your password to log in, as this security measure will ask for something else. When entering your account, the system will ask you to confirm your identity with a different factor.

It can be through the code sent to your phone via SMS or call, the most common method, although other services also allow using different tools like a security key or fingerprint. But, as we said, most platforms simplify the process by sending a 6-digit code to your phone.

After receiving it, you must enter it to regain access to your account. Every time you want to enter your account from a different device, two-factor authentication will be launched to verify whether it’s really you.

To begin to use this system, you do not have to go through any complications since you can enable it from the security settings of any digital service that offers it.

Although it may seem strange, two-factor authentication is something you have used all your life. For example, when using your bank card for a transaction, it is normal to be asked for the CVV code on your card’s back.

Why should you use two-factor authentication?

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You always have to set a password when you start using your smartphone, a Google account, or social networks like Instagram. Unfortunately, a password is not always difficult to crack; even the tech giant Google ensures on its website that password cracking is easier than you imagine.

Moreover, in many cases, you may use the same password for different services to easily access all of them. But think of the cyber criminals; if you use the same password everywhere, all your online accounts could be compromised in a matter of seconds.

But, if you have two-factor authentication enabled, you should stop worrying about it, as if anyone knows your password, they will still need your phone or the security key to enter your account.

Two-factor authentication will always be more secure than just a password, which is enough to enable the security feature in all your accounts.

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