WhatsApp recently introduced encryption to all platforms, however this new feature could make it unauthorized service in India.

WhatsApp Could Be Blocked in India Soon

WhatsApp’s end to end encryption to its mobile messaging platform could violate the security norms in India. The company’s end to end encryption could create trouble for the company. The new security measure took by WhatsApp is not permitted by Indian Telecom and there is possibility of blockage of WhatsApp in India, however currently WhatsApp seems to be working fine.

The tech companies are seen taking the security of their products to the next level after FBI successfully unlocked the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter without seeking help from Apple. Apple was supported by the major tech giants like Google, Facebook for its decision of not providing any help to FBI regarding iPhone unlocking. Apple has been seen taking privacy extremely seriously as said by the late Steve Jobs.

In India, the companies are supposed to obey the country’s rules and regulations regarding certain types of encryption which the WhatsApp doesn’t use presently. WhatsApp end to end encryption primarily means that no one including WhatsApp won’t be able to crack its contents, so it means that only sender and receiver are able to read the encrypted data. Currently, WhatsApp uses 256 bit key for the purpose of encryption of all chat messages which is only known to the sender and the receiver.

WhatsApp enabled encryption in order to protect the users messages from cyber criminals, hackers, oppressive regimes including WhatsApp.

As far as Indian rules are concerned, online services are only allowed to use up to 40 bit encryption. So, if they need to use higher encryption level, they are supposed to request permission from the government. WhatsApp could get permission from the Indian Government when it submits the keys, however the company doesn’t possess that.



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