Unquestionably the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp is one of the best services for users to exchange messages worldwide. But, recently WhatsApp goes down and social media erupts as millions of users left ‘in turmoil’.

WhatsApp DOWN – Popular Chat App Breaks For Users Across The World

The popular instant messaging application, WhatsApp is now in the hands of Facebook, has become the most used in the world with more than 1,000 million monthly users. However, recently WhatsApp suffers new connection problems which are being recorded mainly in Europe, although users from various parts of the world have sent reports to the main pages that record these failures and social networks.

During the failure, it is impossible to send and receive messages through WhatsApp. Here is the error message “Connecting …” that appears at the top of the application, with which we can see clearly that the messaging service does not work. In addition, web pages such as Downdetector are recording dozens of error reports when connecting.

As usual, those responsible for WhatsApp have informed about it and the users of the service had to be alerted about the problem. Therefore, it is impossible to know if the problem is on its servers or in any other aspect of the service. In any case, we will update with the information we have in real time.

In case of having to talk to someone and not being able to do it on WhatsApp, we can always use alternative applications such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger, whose service does work for the moment.

In these cases, we recommend you to always check Down Detector platform simply to know first-hand the possible problems of the popular instant messaging network.

On this occasion, it does not seem to have been a problem related to the arrival of a new function, something that has happened on other occasions. Surely we all remember the time of activation of voice calls where the problems were repeated several times.

Precisely, the popular chat app does not work a few weeks before Christmas, a very favourable date for this type of problems to register. For the moment, we better prepare ourselves with alternative applications or with other methods to congratulate the holidays to our loved ones.

Update at 20:19: The service seems to be returning for some users, while others report that they still can not access WhatsApp.

Update at 20:35: The service is completely restored and the application returns to normal. If it still does not work, restart the application or the mobile in which you are using WhatsApp.

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