The signature of Mark Zuckerberg is finalizing the details of WhatsApp Business for its launch, that should take place in just a few weeks. This messaging service for companies, in relation to its customers, will have its own application for both Android and iOS devices. However, now its Android Apk file is available for download.

WhatsApp Business App APK File Is Now Available For Download

WhatsApp Business is the next application of the Cupertino firm – yes, not Apple, it’s the social network giant Facebook. A new version of WhatsApp that differs little from the one already known in its appearance, but which hides dozens of exclusive functions.

For example, with WhatsApp Business, we can create a company profile – as a WhatsApp user – via a landline. And also, will have bots and automated messages, among other new possibilities with respect to the app we already knew.

You can not use the application at the moment because the signature of Mark Zuckerberg has established an access restriction applied directly according to the telephone numbering. That is, if your phone number is not registered by the company, then you will not be able to access WhatsApp Business at the moment.

Now, what we can do is to download WhatsApp Business in the form of Apk file for Android mobile devices. It is obviously free and to download the new WhatsApp Business simply you have to click here.

WhatsApp Business APK filtered and now it can be downloaded

If you have an Android device, you can now download the WhatsApp Business APK. And it can be installed on devices with Android mobile operating system, with its new logo and subtle changes in design, but still, cannot be used by the restriction we discussed earlier.

However, if you want to be the first to have this service, it is not a bad idea to download WhatsApp Business and periodically test if you leave the phone number. At the moment, the app returns the following message: ‘The number you entered does not have access to this application. Please check your number and try again.’

As we learned a few days ago, WhatsApp Business will feature new features such as registration with landline numbers, or bots. In addition, it will also have automatic messages to respond when we are absent and will introduce changes to the user profile.

For example, since the launch will be available verified profiles for certain large companies. But for the moment it seems that in this version 0.0.58 are not yet available all the specific and exclusive functions that the signature of Mark Zuckerberg will offer to the companies within WhatsApp Business.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.



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