Whatsapp is finally releasing the global audio player for the desktop app. Before the update, the desktop users can pause and resume the voice player remaining in the same chat window.

With the latest update on the desktop app, the users can shuffle between the chats while listening to the voice messages. They can switch between chats and can also listen to voice notes.

A few weeks ago, the global voice note player was released on iOS beta. The upcoming update will be released on Whatsapp beta for Android with the same feature. However, now the company is rolling out the global voice note player on Desktop beta.

Global Voice Note Player Now Available on Whatsapp Desktop Beta

WhatsApp Desktop App Gets Global Audio Player

The global voice note feature is now rolling out in beta version; soon, it will be available for the public desktop app. With this update, users will easily control the chat and voice player without switching back to chat.

With this feature, users can listen to voice messages anywhere in the app, even if you are playing something or have opened another chat window.

According to WaBetaInfo,

“When we play the voice note, and we switch to another conversation, WhatsApp does not stop playing the voice note, and a new audio player bar shows up at the bottom of your chats list.”

The screenshots shared by WABetaInfo shows that we can play voice note and, at the same time, can switch to a different chat. The app will not stop playing the voice note, instead, a new audio player bar will be shown at the bottom of your chats list.

With the player bar, one can control the voice note by using the playback button; also, the progress bar shows when the voice note ends.

At present, the feature is available to all beta testers, so if you want to try it out now, make sure you are using the latest Whatsapp desktop beta.


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