Whatsapp Free For Lifetime Hack
Whatsapp Free For Lifetime Hack

Today, I am going to discuss about how to make Whatsapp Free For Lifetime Hack 2015. WhatsApp Messenger is a platform mobile messaging app which allows you to send and  receive messages, photos, videos etc, and here are trick hack to make whatsapp free for lifetime 2015. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia. We know Whatsapp free subscription for one year in iPhone. But for next year we need to pay 0.99 dollar in iOS devices. But i find a trick to get subscription for long time, now you can get lifetime of free subscription.

Whatsapp Free For Lifetime


  1. Apple Account
  2. Patience
  3. iPhone (temporary required)

Steps to Make Whatsapp Free For Lifetime Hack:

  1. First of all you need to download and install iTunes, It helps to easy create Apple Account. In this way you get apple account.
  2. Second Patience, it tradition on iOS where they give various free apps. So every year there period when whatsapp is completely free on iOS for example, lifetime subscription.
  3. Finally real trick is started now, you need a iPhone for this you can easily borrow from your friends. Now you can download WhatsApp from Apps store for free of cost with your account, now logout from his Apple account, install it on your friend’s iPhone with your sim card in it.
  4. After installing, you enter your required data and Done, Then, logout your WhatsApp Account. Take out of your sim card put it in your Android phone, download and install WhatsApp from your Apps Store like Play Store. Now go to your WhatsApp Settings > Account > Payment finally you found.

Here are the trick to make Make Whatsapp Free For Lifetime Hack, Don’t forget to share this trick hacks with your friends. If you found any problem feel free to discuss in below comments.


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