We all know very well that WhatsApp adds and continues adding new functions. Now according to the latest reports the well-known and the most used instant messaging application which is owned by the social network giant Facebook, of course, WhatsApp just got a new feature through which you can now listen to your voice message before sending it.

WhatsApp Now Allows You To Listen Your Voice Message Before Sending

WhatsApp adds and continues adding new functions. Now, thanks to the iOS version, we know what will be one of the future novelties that we can enjoy on Android. The voice notes continue to improve in the instant messaging application.

WhatsApp will let you listen to your own voice notes before sending them

The latest development in the WhatsApp app comes with the 2.18.10 update of the iOS version. In recent months we have seen how a new advance was implemented that allowed to block the record button to avoid having to keep it pressed, and now continue to move in that direction, improving its usability and saving some headaches to users.

Specifically, WhatsApp wanted to attack two very specific problems: the inability to listen to your voice notes before sending them and the loss of the recording if, for example, a call came in while you were recording a voice note. With this in mind, from the application owned by the social network giant Facebook, they got down to work. And the solution has been very simple: from now on WhatsApp will save a local copy of what you have recorded.

If you are creating a voice note and you receive a call from WhatsApp, you start listening to another voice note, close WhatsApp, the battery runs out, change your chat or start watching a video; everything you’ve recorded so far will be saved to avoid having to re-record everything you’ve been wearing. In addition, the app will show you in the message bar the possibility not only to listen to your message but to delete it if you wish.

WhatsApp does not stop: update each section of its application

Although at the moment this function is only available in the version for Apple devices, it will not take too long to reach Android phones as well. The social network giant Facebook and the developers of WhatsApp are trying hard to keep their app up to date and polish their sections. As we all know very well that in WhatsApp, they work actively to improve each section of their messaging service.

In recent months we have seen several updates, such as group video calls and new features for administrators, the synchronization of Instagram Stories, the new built-in Stickers, or the transition between calls and video calls. Without pause, without haste and without rest, WhatsApp is worrying about giving more than enough reasons to defend its position as queen of the instant messaging applications.

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