Recently, WhatsApp messenger just got some extraordinary features. Now the latest WhatsApp messenger update brought a powerful new feature to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messenger Just Got A Powerful New Feature

The leading application in instant messaging is constantly being updated to be within the trends and demands of the users. Since according to Statista, the application managed to obtain at the end of February 2016, one trillion active users.

In November 2016, the app launched video calls and last month allowed users to send GIFs which had previously been stored in their photo libraries.

But, now the leading instant messaging application WhatsApp for Android integrates the search field for GIFs, simply to send these files without leaving the application.

According to the site Android Authority, the function is being activated gradually, starting with the beta version of the application. The search for GIFs from WhatsApp has already been active on iOS since November, and even a little earlier if the beta is counted.

Before this update, WhatsApp users on Android only had the ability to send and receive GIFs, or send those stored in device memory as we mentioned earlier. This update avoids having to go to Chrome or any other web browser and tediously search for GIFs.

The site Android Authority says that this function is gratitude to the integration of WhatsApp and Giphy, although in some regions Tenor which is also an image storage service is used.

The report says that this version of WhatsApp also allows sending up to 30 files in a single transfer. This change will be well received by users since it previously only allowed to send up to 10 files in a single transfer.

So, if you want to try then you can simply download the latest beta version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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