Whatsapp is soon going to announce some new features to the app. One of the most requested features is the support for one single account to multiple devices. Last year, in September, the multi-device future screenshot was shared on WABetainfo.

However, the latest reports claim some limitations that Whatsapp may bring for users to use this feature. The limitations are that the Whatsapp multi-device feature will be available to Whatsapp Web and desktop version only. This means the feature will not be coming to smartphones, at least in the beginning.

Whatsapp Multi-Device Support Limitations

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Will be Limited to Web & Desktop Version

WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot of multi-device support in the beta testing phase on Whatsapp Web, desktop, and Facebook Portal. In the picture, we can see the information regarding the feature and limitations that says the accounts with Web, desktop, and Portal doesn’t need to stay online on their phones.

The report also says that with one phone, you can connect up to four devices and can use them at once via this feature. However, in the screenshot, it is written, the user who is using an outdated version of Whatsapp on their phones will not be able to communicate. So, both sides need the latest version of the app to use Multi-device support.

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that multi-device features will soon be available. With this, he also confirmed other features coming, like disappearing mode and View Once.

However, the multi-device support feature is not yet released, so we need to wait for confirmation till the feature is rolled out.

We think this limitation will be fixed once the feature will be completely out. It is said that Whatsapp will allow its Android and iOS users to enable this feature. Later, Whatsapp will also add support for iPad through multi-device.

Multi-device support is still under development, and there are reports that the beta tester for iOS and Android should be released within two months.


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