WhatsApp Officially Confirmed To Be Free For All Users
WhatsApp Officially Confirmed To Be Free For All Users

WhatsApp will soon be free for all its users worldwide; WhatsApp realizes how users stick after the first year, unable to pay through Debit or Credit cards.

Throughout these years, WhatsApp has overrun our screens and lives; as we saw, in the start, we could enjoy the popular application free of charge during the first year and later have to renew the license each year. It is minimal since by just $ 0.99 cents a year, we can enjoy WhatsApp, although it is true that many times we have seen a few tricks get a free lifetime subscription or certain users who thus were unaware well why.

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WhatsApp Officially Confirmed To Be Free For All Users

This weekend, we announced that WhatsApp would be prepared to give some users annuity accounts, and now the company has just confirmed officiating, so it is the most famous messaging application, which will be free for everyone. Even if we agree at this time to the payment information of our own surely continue to see the expiration date of our service and the price of renewal; it seems that soon we will see how the service will be free.

The announcement was made by Jan Koum, president of the company, and is sure to be welcomed with open arms by all users who use the application. Moreover, far from what many users may think right now, advertising can begin to invade the application; it seems that nothing is further from reality, as well as being a free service maintain its policy of not adding the same annoying advertising.

On the blog of WhatsApp, they have made a public announcement saying the strategy to begin charging a subscription after having enjoyed the first year as free has not been a good approach. It seems that many users of WhatsApp do not want to use credit or debit cards to pay from their mobile or know how to do it, and this may cause many users to stop using it after the first year.

Here’s what WhatsApp is saying about that, according to a company blog post:

“That’s why we’re happy to announce that WhatsApp will no longer charge subscription fees. For many years, we’ve asked some people to pay a fee for using WhatsApp after their first year. As we’ve grown, we’ve found that this approach hasn’t worked well. Many WhatsApp users don’t have a debit or credit card number and they worried they’d lose access to their friends and family after their first year. So over the next several weeks, we’ll remove fees from the different versions of our app and WhatsApp will no longer charge you for our service.”

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Therefore, they say that in the coming weeks will eliminate tariffs for different versions, and the use of WhatsApp will be completely free. Also, they announce that they will continue working to provide better service to users stating that they are working on adding new features and tools.