Unquestionably the world’s most popular instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp is one of the best services for users to exchange messages and calls worldwide. But, sometimes, when the service, of course, WhatsApp, goes down, the social media erupts as millions of users are left ‘in turmoil’.

Hence, here in this post, we will show you an excellent tutorial in which we will show you how to know if WhatsApp is down or active.

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Steps To Know WhatsApp Server Status In Real-time

Whenever we talk about instant messaging, the first thing that strikes our mind is WhatsApp. Of course, it is the world’s most used and one of the most popular platforms for exchanging messages, calls, and other communications.

However, in recent time on several occasions, we have already seen how server failures appear in the case of WhatsApp, which leads the most used instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp to remain down for all its users over the world.

Hence, nowadays, one of the biggest fears of the users is that the connection of WhatsApp is down or running. Although there are still phone calls and SMS, all these options usually have an additional cost and the most used instant messaging app, of course, WhatsApp allow us to save those costs, so basically, when WhatsApp servers fail, users often make a lot of noise and become quite violent on social networks.

However, the fact is that we have several ways of knowing the status of WhatsApp in real-time, though many of them are based on the use of third-party and closed-source tools that do not know what they are based on to offer the information.

Hence, today here in this article, we will show you a fantastic article in which we will show you a tutorial in which we will show you how to check the status of WhatsApp in real-time using the official services of the company itself.

The first option to know: Twitter

The world’s most used instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp has an official Twitter account from which we can check its status in real-time. When a problem occurs in the network, the person in charge of updating this social account informs about the status of the service so that it publishes a message as soon as a connection failure is detected.

However, when the network is restored and everything goes back to work correctly, the same account also informs that the system has been restored. The entire service is now usually working without any problems.

Now, if you want to keep track of the service status of WhatsApp, then you can do so from the following link, that’s it.

The second option to know: WhatsApp itself

The WhatsApp client has a function that informs us about the status of the services and tells us if there is a problem with the connection or not. Hence, to do this, we must follow a few steps that we have mentioned below.

1. First of all, open your WhatsApp.

2. Then open your WhatsApp Settings.

3. Now, after the above step, you will get a window like this.

WhatsApp Settings

4. Now simply, you have to tap on Help.


5. After the above step, now select the option System status.

System status

6. Now you will know the status of WhatsApp. That’sat That’s now you are done.

Suppose the status of the servers is correct, but somehow the messages do not reach the recipients, or we can not connect. In that case, it is possible that it is a failure of the internet connection due to WiFi, or we do not have an active mobile data connection.

Even it is also possible that the servers have been dropped and have not been given the company time to notify, so at that time, we just have to keep patience and wait few minutes to see if the connection is restored.

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