The meta-owned instant messaging app is working on many features this year. Most of them are rolled out, and a few are in testing. Every now and then, we get news about new features to be added on Whatsapp.

The latest feature is coming for Whatsapp status, where users will soon be able to include emoji reactions on status.

Also, Whatsapp is testing to show Status updates directly from the chats list. So, users will be able to quickly look at the statuses of their contacts.

Status Updates- Chats List & Quick Reaction Feature Coming To WhatsApp

Whatsapp STATUS CHATS List (1)

According to the reports by WABetaInfo, users will be able to see the status updates directly from their chat list or when they search for any contact in the app. One can see the Status updates when the user clicks on the profile picture of the contact.

This feature sounds similar to Instagram, where you can look at the stories by clicking on the profile pic of the account.

WABetaInfo shared a screenshot through which we can get the idea of how Status updates would appear through the Chats list. It is said that the feature will be available to both Android and iOS users. However, it is not yet available for beta clients also, but soon it will release for Whatsapp beta.

Whatsapp To Add Emoji Reactions To Status

Whatsapp Emoji Reaction

The instant messaging app is also working on emoji reactions for status updates. It might be similar to the Instagram emoji reaction.

There will be a Status with the text box, and you will also see emojis above the box. Whatsapp might call it “Quick Reactions.” The app will have different emojis like folded hands, claps, party popper, heart-eyes, face with tears of Joy, Face with Open Mouth, Crying Face, and Hundred Points.

According to the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, the emojis are right above the text box. Once the user taps on the emoji, one can send a reaction to the particular status.

The screenshot is shared from the beta version of the Whatsapp Desktop app, so the chances are high that the emoji reaction will come to Android and iOS also.


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