WhatsApp Upcoming New Features in 2022

The instant messaging app Whatsapp is working on many upcoming new features. Last year, the social media messenger app rolled out many amazing features like voice and video calls on desktops, disappearing photos and videos, and more.

Now, Whatsapp is going to maintain the trend by bringing new features in 2022. There are a few features that have come up in the news, like displaying profile photos in notifications, hiding last seen from specific contacts, and more.

Top Upcoming WhatsApp Features in 2022

These new features on Whatsapp are expected to change the experience for the users. Here is the list of a few of the upcoming features of WhatsApp that are expected to roll out this year.

1. Profile Photo in Notifications

The update will show a profile picture in the notifications when a new message arrives. WhatsApp is set to bring a new feature first for iOS beta testers of Whatsapp version running iOS 15.

2. Whatsapp Community Feature

Whatsapp is adding a new Community function, where group admins will have more control over groups. It is similar to discord groups and channels. The group admins can create up to 10 groups and send messages to all at once.

3. Whatsapp Sent Message Deleting Time Limit Extended

At present, the app allows the users to delete the sent message at a certain time limit of around 1 hour. After that, you can’t delete the message. But with the new update, Whatsapp is removing the time limit. This means one can delete the sent messages anytime.

4. Hide Last Seen from Specific Contacts

A new option will be added to the privacy feature. Whatsapp will soon allow to hide “Last Seen” from specific contacts. Currently, there are only three options, Everyone, Only Contacts, and Nobody. To this, a new option will be added, which will allow you to hide the last seen from a particular contact.

5. Whatsapp Logout

Whatsapp is bringing a new feature, “Logout,” that will be replaced with the “Delete Account” button. This feature is similar to Facebook and Instagram that allows users to log out of their accounts from their devices.

This feature might allow Whatsapp users to use their accounts on multiple devices at the same time.

6. WhatsApp Edit

The company is planning to change features on editing on sharing media. Users will know whom they are sending the media. And it might allow you to upload media to the status while sending it to other contacts.

So, these are some of the features that are expected to roll out this year on WhatsApp.


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