As we all know WhatsApp has been planning to bring out the Video calling feature to the app since quite some time. Finally! WhatsApp’s video calling feature goes live.

Finally! WhatsApp’s Video Calling Feature is Now Live

After Facebook’s Messenger messaging app, now it’s time for WhatsApp to integrate video calling feature. WhatsApp is one of the many social messaging apps which is frequently updated and that is the reason why we love using WhatsApp.

We have also seen how WhatsApp pushed public group features. WhatsApp also updated new camera improvements too which allows users to add stickers from any clicked photo before sending.

Integrating video calling feature in WhatsApp actually follows last year’s rollout of voice calling. According to the Spanish website many Windows phone users are now seeing the option to make video calls in WhatsApp beta app.

One major thing to notice here is that almost all new features were pushed to Android OS before any other operating system. However, the new feature from WhatsApp is first pushed to the Windows platform.

Windows phone users have reported that they can access video calls function without any need to re-install the WhatsApp app. Users have reported that after clicking the call button on WhatsAp, users are getting choices- Video and Voice calls. The video call option lets users select the camera.

Finally! WhatsApp's Video Calling Feature is Now Live
Finally! WhatsApp’s Video Calling Feature is Now Live

As we have already mentioned this new feature had started rolling out only to Windows Phone users. Therefore, this feature is yet to arrive on Android or iOS devices. The saddest part is Android and iOS users are still to get the update and there is no estimated release time.