Recently, Wikileaks has shown the world more than 8,000 documents and files of CIA which contains a huge bunch of security flaws and hacking tools that affected many tech firms. But, now WikiLeaks said that they will work with affected tech companies simply to defeat CIA hacking.

WikiLeaks Will Work With Tech Firms To Defeat CIA Hacking

The Vault 7, revealed the case of abuse by US security agencies, has shown that there is no safe device and almost all are exposed.

Wikileaks has shown the world more than 8,000 documents and files but has much more to keep. In order to prevent abuses, Wikileaks has now committed to collaborate with the affected companies so that they can solve their shortcomings.

Not many companies are affected, but their size leads to great care when revealing the flaws exploited and the tools used in these processes.

Both Android and iOS are identified as having flaws that were being actively exploited, leaving almost all smartphones exposed. However, Samsung’s smart TVs are also on the list of the affected equipment.

In order to prevent the exploitation of these flaws, which were made public by Wikileaks, it has been decided that there will be close collaboration between this site and the brands, which will thus have time to consult and correct the flaws found in these CIA documents.

Both the Google and Apple have been made public reveal that most failures used are already fixed in the latest versions of their operating systems, but there are still some need to be addressed, which should happen very soon.

At the same time that Wikileaks reveals these data and the brands protect themselves, the CIA has already begun an investigation to determine the point of escape of all this secret information that the agency thought protected.

At this point, the agency seeks to know if the leakage of information resulted from an external attack or if it removed it from all documents and files was an internal element of the CIA.

So, what do you think about your device, is it protected? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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