WikiLeaks Reveals The Top Secret Weapon Of The CIA
WikiLeaks Reveals The Top Secret Weapon Of The CIA

The non-profit whistleblower WikiLeaks has recently published six new top secret documents revealing the information about a back-end infrastructure which is actually used to manage CIA roots.

WikiLeaks Reveals The Top Secret Weapon Of The CIA

Recently, the WikiLeaks has released a fifth of its revelation series, known as Vault 7, exposing alleged CIA hacking techniques. The last batch – Hive – consists of six documents.

The latest batch is dedicated to Hive, which WikiLeaks describes as a “back-end infrastructure malware with a public-facing HTTPS interface”, used to transfer information from interesting computers to the CIA and to allow commands to be run on these computers.

WikiLeaks points out that anti-virus companies and forensic experts have noted that this malware that acts as a “potential state actor” uses a similar back-end infrastructure, but fails to connect the back-end to CIA operations.

To hide the presence of such malware, WikiLeaks points out that the public interface HTTPS (a protocol for secure communication over a computer network within an encrypted connection) “uses non-suspicious appearance coverage domains”, so those Interesting devices to the CIA will not know about the interference of US special services.

According to WikiLeaks, the top secret weapon of CIA “Hive” actually gives roots for different CPU architectures and operating systems, including the Microsoft’s Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, Windows 2003, Linux x86, Solaris, Mikrotik, etc. Moreover, the Hive documents published on April 14 could allow experts to examine this type of communication between those who propagate this malware and the back-end servers.

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