We all know very well that the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 10 has undergone some changes since it was released. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 10 Redstone 5 builds are coming much sooner than you think.

Windows 10 Redstone 5 Builds Are Coming ‘Sooner Than You Think’

The tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 10 has undergone some changes since it was released. As the tech giant, Microsoft seeks to bring new features and, for this, launched in the Insiders program the new versions.

After 3 major updates have been made and one to be finished, it is time for the tech giant Microsoft to start preparing the next, known for now as Redstone 5, and which should arrive for testing very soon.

It is known that the tech giant Microsoft has recently started final testing on Redstone 4, the current development version so that the latest glitches are detected and could be fixed. This also means that this version should exit the Insiders program soon, just as it did with previous versions.

Redstone 5 is coming to Windows 10

That is why the time has come for the first tests to begin with the next version, Redstone 5. As the tech giant Microsoft has already admitted that this version exists and very soon it will come to the Insiders program of Windows 10.

Microsoft’s internal testing has begun

To prove that this version exists and is being ready for testing was given by the BuildFeed channel of Tweeter, which is dedicated to registering and locating Windows builds, where it already presents Redstone 5 as a reality.

Most likely, and like with the previous version, the first build will not bring any visible newness and are only meant to pave the way for what the tech giant Microsoft later adds.

Who will be able to access these new builds?

Early access to Redstone 4 was given to some elements of the Insiders program, who were able to change their settings to belong to the Skip Ahead branch. Microsoft closed soon after this possibility.

This time, and most likely, the Skip Ahead branch should be re-opened and access will be given to a set of users, in addition to those that are currently using this version.

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