The social media giant Facebook is an entire world of its own and nowadays this world is just getting much eerier. Recently a woman from California was jailed for a year for using a fake Facebook account to impersonate her boyfriend and frame him.

Woman Jailed For Creating Fake Facebook Profile To Frame Ex

We all know that the social media giant Facebook is an entire world of its own and nowadays this world is just getting much eerier. If we analyze the past then we can easily have a look that how the people have destroyed their life and careers due to some irresponsible posts.

However, taking revenge on your ex-lover in Facebook is not a good idea and in this case, the story went too far. A 25-year-old woman, Stephani Renae Lawson from Las Vegas, California has been convicted of two crimes simply for creating a fake Facebook profile to incriminate her ex-boyfriend.

According to the “The Orange County Register“, “25-year-old Stephani Renae Lawson was living with her boyfriend, at his grandparent’s house, for ten months before this incident. After being kicked from the house by boyfriend’s grandma, she created a fake account to depict herself as her ex”.

As we mentioned earlier that 25-year-old Stephani Renae Lawson created a fake profile, but, here’s the actual case begins, she created the fake Facebook profile of her boyfriend and simply sent herself eight threatening messages to incriminate her ex-boyfriend.

Due to which Stephani Renae Lawson’s former boyfriend, Tyler Parkervest, was sent to jail. However, later the investigators found flaws in the messages of the woman, as the investigators found that the messages were coming from her own IP address.

According to the Daily Mail “Stephani Renae Lawson’s former boyfriend, Tyler Parkervest was arrested over the threats and was due to stand trial when prosecutors spotted flaws in the woman’s testimony. Hence, he was cleared of four charges of stalking, threatening, kidnapping and battering the 25-year-old”.

During the investigation when investigators interrogated her about the incident of fake profile and messages which she sent to her own account, at first she simply denied but, later she was pleaded guilty as part of a plea agreement on Wednesday. Now, she was sentenced to three years of imprisonment, even she was also ordered to pay compensation.