Meet The World's Fastest Gaming Router
Meet The World's Fastest Gaming Router

We all know very well that one of the problems that most players complain about is the lag, or delay, generated when playing through the Internet, especially from a Wi-Fi connection. Hence, now according to the latest reports, a well-known gaming hardware manufacturing company just launched the world’s fastest gaming router.

Meet The World’s Fastest Gaming Router

One of the problems that most players complain about is the lag, or delay, generated when playing through the Internet, especially from a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, manufacturers are betting on their high ranges to end this type of problems, in addition to offering higher speeds, reducing this lag as much as possible when playing through the wireless network.

Razer, as one of the most recognized gaming brands, has not wanted to lose the opportunity to enter the market of gaming routers and has just done it in style with its new Razer Sila router.

As recently, Razer, one of the most well-known manufacturers in the gaming world, has just announced its new high performance Wi-Fi gaming router, the Razer Sila, designed for the most demanding users who want to get the best possible performance connection speed, both to play and when downloading from the Internet or watching streaming content.

In order to offer this high performance, Razer Sila has its own technologies, such as Razer FasTrack and ZeroWait DFS, as well as an advanced QoS engine to control the priority of traffic and offer us the possibility of setting up our own multi-channel Wi-Fi Mesh network with a backhaul dedicated. This manufacturer has not only thought about the performance of the router but also to make it simple to configure, being able to do everything from a simple mobile application.

Technical characteristics of Razer Sila

In addition to the features indicated above, such as FasTrack, ZeroWait DFS and Wi-Fi Mesh, this router offers an AC3000 IEEE 802.11 Triband Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac that allows us to obtain speeds of up to 400 Mbps in the 802.11n network and up to 1735 + 866Mbps in the 802.11ac network. This is possible thanks to the 9 internal antennas. In terms of security, this router supports the WPA/WPA2-PSK protocols.

In this router, we will also find 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (1 for WAN and 3 for LAN), in addition to a USB 2.0 port and another USB 3.0 port. At the moment, Razer has not provided much more technical information on this new router, so we can not know other details such as the CPU or Sila RAM, nor the possibilities that the firmware will offer us.

Moreover, its price is $249.99, and we can buy it or see more information from the following link. If you are thinking about updating your network and want to bet on the highest range, then without any doubt this Razer Sila will be an option that we must take into account, along with other gaming routers such as the ASUS ROG GT-AC5300, the FRITZ!Box 7490 or the D-Link DIR-869 AC1750. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.