It has been about a year when we started talking about smartphones with 6GB of RAM. But at this time the next “trend” will be the smartphones with 8GB of RAM, yes, sounds pretty monstrous, as it should be and LeEco Le 2s will probably be the first 8GB RAM Android smartphone.

Meet The World’s First 8GB RAM Android Smartphone

Last year, we started talking about smartphones with 6GB of RAM. But at this time the idea seemed misplaced in a short time, even some manufacturers have already begun to bet this amount of RAM in smartphones like the Vivo Xplay 5 which was the first and recently the OnePlus 3 from OnePlus.

According to some information, the next “trend” will be the smartphones with 8GB RAM and LeEco Le 2s will probably be the first. Yes, LeEco which is also known as Leshi Internet Information & Technology, a Chinese technology company which is headquartered in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

As we told that the LeEco, formerly known as LeTV, is one of the largest Chinese companies acting in various areas, from online TV, video production and distribution, smart devices and applications for ecommerce and much more.

LeEco Le2S
LeEco Le2S

The company has designed one of the most powerful smartphones for the users and upcoming market, after the launch of LeEco Max2, now there are indications that confirm the rumors of LeEco Le 2s and very soon the company will launch the first Android smartphone with 8GB of RAM.

The images published on the website GizChina, show the front of the device where you can see an edge-to-edge screen and a camera in front along with the sensor.

Rumors also indicate that this super smartphone will have a rear camera of 25 MegaPixel a SoC Snapdragon 821, 64GB of internal storage memory and a biometric reader or fingerprint reader at the rear.

LeEco Le2S Leaked
LeEco Le2S Leaked

However, the fact is that 8GB of RAM and a SoC Snapdragon 821 will definitely raise the popularity and demand bar of the smartphone segment to a new “territory”.

But, it is not yet clear when the Chinese company LeEco will announce the smartphone, but the rumors suggest that the LeEco will soon announce the device at any event in the near future, so it may possible that the event could take place in August or September this year, 2016. Until then we have only one choice, let’s wait to know that when the first smartphone that will boast the equal amount of RAM that basically comes nowadays in most PCs and laptops.