The vigorous leaked branding regarding Xbox Game Pass benefits sharing seems to fulfill the user’s desired feature and may also help to surprise a friend.

As we already know, Microsoft is working on a new Xbox Game Pass plan related to the term “family,” and its testing is already begun earlier this month for Ireland and Colombia.

Xbox Game Pass Benefits Rumored To Be Shareable Soon

Xbox Game Pass Benefits Rumored To Be Shareable SoonTipster Aggiornamenti Lumia first shared this branding leak via tweet, and as you can see in the above image, this branding states, “Game Pass Friends & Family“.

First, with this new branding, we have discovered that not only the family member in the household can enjoy this sharing account, but the plan member can also share it with their friends.

As the above statement clears, there are no restrictions like household, but the company has officially stated that the other user should be in the same country as the sharer ones.

Earlier, we already know that this plan is only related to sharing the Xbox Game Pass benefits with the family members in the household, and it will also include all of the Ultimate plan’s features.

And now it is confirmed that the sharing is allowed for up to 4 accounts, excluding the main account. The company is also not restricting any feature from the Ultimate plan, and it will like having five Ultimate Plan subscriptions.

Currently, it has only two plans in Xbox Game Pass the Standard for PC or Console, which costs about $9.99 USD, and the other is Ultimate which costs $14.99 USD.

And this family plan is expected to be priced around $24.99 in the US.


There is no information on when it will launch as its testing has just begun, so we can say that it will take some time to arrive, maybe next year or at the end of this year.


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