Xbox brings Night Mode

Microsoft brings a new night mode blue light filter for Xbox Consoles that offers customization like dimming the controller, screen, and power button. The company allows the Xbox owners to dim the LED brightness.

You can set the Xbox to switch the system to dark mode and disable HDR when you enable the night mode.

Xbox Night Mode Offers a lot of Customization Options

Xbox Night Mode Offers a lot of Customization Options

Currently, the American tech is working on a new night mode for Xbox consoles. Microsoft is testing the night mode in a partnership with Xbox Insiders Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. The new Night Mode setting makes the screen look a little orange.

One can also schedule the Xbox night mode, either a manual one or an automatic that enables it at sunset and disable it at sunrise. The company is currently testing the new mode with Xbox Insiders, so we can expect it to see in the coming weeks.

To access the night mode, on the controller, click on the Xbox button and open the Guide menu. On the right side, click on Setting Menu and go to Preferences, and select Night Mode.

Night Mode in Xbox

As mentioned earlier, the night mode features a lot of customization options like dimming levels with an optional blue light filter. Microsoft is giving the users few tools that they can play with to set schedules, dim LEDs on hardware, adjust the console theme, and more.

Once you activate the night mode, you can fix the time to turn it on and off. Apart from that, it can set up to adjust at sunset or sunrise depending on the time. Even you can adjust the filtering and dimming.

For the past few years, mobile phones and tablets have got new “Night Mode” features, like tinting your displays yellow. This new night mode is another cool Xbox feature.


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