We all know very well that since the smartphone screens began to grow, manufacturers have tried several innovations to expand and eliminate the display bezels, simply to integrate the front camera into a notch, retractable cameras, sliding components, and much more. The ideal solution, at least on paper, was to integrate the camera under display, which seemed quite an extraordinary and impossible idea, except in different patents.

Xiaomi To Launch Its First Smartphone With Under-Display Invisible Front Camera

It seems that we are very near to see the first smartphones with the front camera under the screen, as this solution to eliminate the notch would be the next step behind the pop-up front cameras that we have recently seen in the OnePlus 7 Pro, Oppo Reno 10x Zoom and much more.

While now it seems that the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi seems to have its smartphone ready with an invisible camera under the screen, as Xiaomi has also shown a smartphone with a camera under the screen in a video.

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As recently, we reported that the well-known Chinese brand, Oppo was the first company who demos a smartphone with a front camera under the screen, and now it seems that Xiaomi did not want to be left behind.

Hence, the Chinese brand Xiaomi has repeated the move, as it was not the first to show its prototype, but once the others began to show their models, Xiaomi also showed several videos of its working smartphone.

As in the case of Oppo, Xiaomi has shown its prototype mobile phone with a camera under the screen through its official Twitter account. And not only that even it has compared the design with another mobile with a water drop type notch, and we can see both models in the following video mentioned below.

At the beginning of the video you can see a leftover in the top center of the screen that could indicate the location of the front camera of Xiaomi without notch or pop-up camera , and later, the company has shown how the web looks in both mobiles to move to take a selfie with the smartphone with a camera under the screen.

As usual, when a device is displayed in this way, it is not specified what mobile it is, but it could be a first look at the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. As this range of the Chinese brand, Xiaomi has always tried to eliminate the front camera with bold designs and technologies.

While the Mi Mix 3 opted for a sliding option, and the next model could arrive with the front camera under the screen. Basically, for now, we will have to wait to see what the Chinese company Xiaomi presents in the coming months.

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