Youtube app for android Tv was launched quite before and it wasnt updatd till a long time. Now the Newer version of TVs with YouTube feature with a very nice and handful feature was totally different from Android TV’s, but version 2.0 of Youtube tv changes and brings Youtube Tv to a whole new level.

YouTube On Android TV Gets Updated With New Design, Auto-Play Controls

1. All-new interface

The overall design is particularly the same as it was for the video contents and apps, but there are clearly some impressive changes throughout. On the main home screen, Youtube still offers suggestions and subscriptions of different videos.

Moving On the sidebar, the watch section has been moved so there is fewer section found. The main screen has a list of videos horizontally placed before it was vertical. The white color is used as a highlight color with the darker background. This is a new design that the Youtube Tv app brings with it.

Youtube All New Design

From the top of the Home screen there is a row of topical areas, starting with your own recommendations and other YouTube Red Originals, then following a list of broad topics like Food, Beauty, travel and Gaming.

Youtube All New Design

Similar changes have been had been done in the search box interface. The new interface brings all suggestions in more convenient order.

All New Qwerty Keys

2. Video Player:

Video Player For Youtube Tv

3. Settings:

Settings for Youtube TV

In the settings, there are few tweaks done here and there. The position of the red bar has been updated. The new settings are the long row which is spanning towards the right side.

4. Download:

The apk is released by Google along with certificate installation will be available in the later period of time after few days. but if you want to try it now we have given the link from apk mirror do try it.

Version: 2.00.16

OR you can download the Official App From Here:

[appbox googleplay]

So, guys do try out the new Youtube TV feature and tell us what do you think about this new features. Thanks for reading our article and we hope you have a great day.



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