YouTube App Just Got A Powerful New Feature
YouTube App Just Got A Powerful New Feature

Google just announced some extraordinary features to its YouTube app. Google’s YouTube Application will now emphasize built-in new private chat feature.

YouTube App Just Got A Powerful New Feature

YouTube is one of the most popular applications on all platforms. If you want to watch a video, and you are on the internet, you will surely be on YouTube, since it is the most used platform for multimedia playback. Well today, we have news about the new features in this application because YouTube for iOS and Android released new chat features.

We have seen how YouTube has been updated in all this time gradually. The latest update we saw in the video platform was able to play videos on iOS in 2K resolution. Well, today we are going to comment on a novelty that will come, hopefully within a short time, to all countries and platforms.

The news we bring you today is about the YouTube app on mobile devices. Today we know that YouTube for iOS and Android will come with a new feature, that is a chat feature within YouTube app. At present, this way of sharing videos through YouTube chat is only available to certain people in Canada, as it is an experimental feature that can give certain problems in the user experience.

The reason being tested in Canada and not in other countries is that in Canada more videos than in other countries of the world share. As we see in the video, this feature is about being able to share videos in a simple way with another person. The person receiving the video can easily speak or communicate with the help of this new chat feature and not only that even while chatting still we will have a window to view the video. It reminds us a lot of how to share videos to the Instagram since they leave in a tab below all the people with whom we can share the video.

However, we do not believe that the objective of this application is to become a messaging app, but this feature does not come badly to be able to share videos in a simpler way. It also means that now we don’t need to copy the URL of the video or have to give the option of share and go to another application.

We do not know how long it will take YouTube to finish trying this new feature, but we do not think it will take long to bring it to light. So, we hope this new chat feature of YouTube for iOS and Android will soon arrive in all countries.


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